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Comment Re:damned faintly praising? (Score 5, Insightful) 436

If you had bothered to read the article, you'd see that the author has done JUST that. Not only did he prove (using proper statistical methods) that the results are significantly not random, he also dug up the exact javascript source code that does the shuffling and explained why it is faulty. RTFA!

Comment Re:Technobabble backlash (Score 1) 479

EXACTLY. You, my friend have just summarized what is the absolute truth. True science fiction is not fully focused on the fictional science. It's a story involving drama, action, mystery, or what not in a fictional science setting.

Ender's Game was a war story, Dune was about a prophet, the I Robot series was a detective series. They all took place in a fictional science setting. THAT is science fiction.

Comment Re:CASE then = Scaffolding now (Score 2, Interesting) 483

Hell, almost all the cases should be considered successes now. The problem was that they were all massively over hyped back in the day.

Our massive move to web-applications and the newly-but-stupidly-coined "Cloud" is as much a thin client solution as it was back then.

To many, Google can be considered an AI. After all, it helps answers your questions. With more and more NLP being built into it (and other web applications), it its getting closer to directly answering your questions.

So what if ERP always went over budget and was deployed only half the time? That is still a HUGE amount. Do you know of any large companies that DONT use some form of ERP?

Comment CASE then = Scaffolding now (Score 1) 483

CASE was all about "Model Driven Development", and I'd say the "Scaffolding" provided by modern Application Toolkits (both web and desktop) is just that.

I write down a schema and BANG, I have all the code to maintain, modify, manipulate, and persist (through a database) that model. I can change the schema and BANG, the code gets regenerated. Some modern toolkits (e.g. Doctrine) even support writing migration classes to ease schema changes.

Many web application toolkits (e.g. Symfony) even auto-generate form classes, filter classes, a REST api, as well as basic templates to show, edit, create, and delete these models - making prototyping AND RAD super fast and easy.

If my interpretation of CASE is correct, it is very much a success today.

Comment Re:porn? (Score 3, Insightful) 467

How is it so hard to understand that playing a game for stakes can be simple, recreational fun? Going into an evening of gambling with only the money you are prepared to lose is no different than going to a fair or holiday holding only the money you are prepared to spend on rides, gifts, foods, and frivolous purchases.

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