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Comment Re:Yes but no (Score 1) 734

Engineering has many specialised fields.

Generally stating you are simply an engineer is a broad statement and not necessarily stating you are qualified in the specific subject you are talking about.

For example, an engineer could be (say) a software engineer, chemical engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer etc.Only some of these would be directly qualified to talk about traffic light timing

Comment I'm puzzled. (Score 4, Interesting) 360

When I use WhatsApp through my phone, it shows the history of my conversations. Presumably the police have recovered Masoods phone, can use one of the numerous ways to get into it, and can thus see what messages he sent over WhatsApp and to whom.

In short, why the hell can't Plod read Masoods last words over WhatsApp? Also if they knew he used WhatsApp, that shows they have either broken into his phone already or picked up some data from his ISP already.

Further, the latest UK Investigatory Powers Act regarding security only wanted metadata, not content, and a great deal of effort was spent convincing the general public that this was all that is needed.

So my question is, is my view of the situation wrong or is Amber Rudd technologically clueless?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 4, Informative) 150

But they're not building the airliner for $30 million. It appears they're building a 2 seat, 3 engine plane to test out some of the technologies for $30million+ a bit more.
The nearest comparison is perhaps building the winner of the X-Prize Spaceship One which probably cost less than $30million, although it's hard to tell how much Paul Allen sponsored it for,

Comment Re:Nope (Score 3, Informative) 150

Whilst accepting its not going to be pocket change, if it was $5 billion, the manufacturers of private jets would be unable to do any new aircraft.

Assuming its not a scam, they are claiming that $30mill will get their Proof Of Concept (XB-1) through, when I presume they'll seek a further round of funding to scale up. The problem is that scaling up is a big problem in commercial aircraft terms. Triple the size makes everything more than 3 times harder, because if it weren't we would be seeing 747 size Concorde lookalikes flying around right now.

Looking at their website however, it looks like the XB-1 is only a two seater, so I suspect their claims to get v1.0 out the door for $30 million plus whatever they already have may just about be possible.

Submission + - Patriot Missile shoots down $300 quadcopter drone (

maroberts writes: In a stunning display of the capability of Patriot or a demonstration of massive overkill, depending on your point of view, a US ally has used a Patriot missile to successfully shoot down a quadcopter drone, reports BBC News

The party responsible was described by Gen Perkins, a United States General with responsibility for training, as "a very close ally", leaving it up to the general public to guess which of the 12 allies using Patriot batteries would commit such an awesome demonstration of asymmetric warfare.

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