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Comment Re:The world would be a better place... (Score 0) 142

No different than driving up to your building when no one is there and crashing a wreaking ball into it. Its not an attack, just...sabotage. No one's hurt. I just shut down your business, cost you thousands of dollars in repair and possibly millions of dollars in lost sales. But hey, let's not get too excited over this.

Comment Re:Phoenix is the model? (Score 0) 380

In many cases a degree is just a ticket to ride. My degree is in communications/journalism, but I make a damn good living as an industrial engineer/software developer. Success isn't about the degree, its about the drive and work ethic. A wiki university is not good or bad just another avenue for people to learn. However I don't think it would have a very good football team...

Comment OMG... (Score 0) 608

69% haven't gotten a raise in the last six months? Get over it! There's an economic meltdown going on. Some of us haven't seen an pay CHECK in the last 18 months. Look IT is a support organization, like HR or CorpComm, only less popular. Your job is to facilitate what ever the company does to actually make money. (You can thank the invention of SLAs for that) Until IT professionals build a union strong enough get in with organized crime and rich enough to line the pockets of key senators, you will continue to be replaced by low paid foreign workers (who just bought your foreclosure and are screwing your daughter), worked like a dog and paid as little as possible. It won't get better until you stop whining into the collective void of the internet and start standing together in RL.

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