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Comment Re:This is way harder than you think... (Score 1) 212

Obviously you haven't read any of the reports. There is at least one as linked by JoshuaZ, a report for a NASA grant for preliminary study, and one by the japan association of space elevator. They have considered more problems with SE than you can think of. Though their prediction of the material development was a bit too optimistic.

Comment Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 1) 917

wait, I can see how being black is not choice, but being Christian is not the result of (poor) choice? It's a bigotry in it self to say that being overweight is a disease and there is cure ( when most of fat cases are genetically determined and there is no cure as of yet ), and say that being gay is not a disease and there is no cure ( when prenatal environment and early experience definitely have a role in determining sexuality ).

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