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Comment To clear things up- (Score 5, Informative) 325

1. TPB is not down, it is and has been up-just really really slow. TPB being slow is nothing new, it's been plagued with speed and reliability problems the entire summer. 2. TPB trackers were shut down a long time ago willfully. They still show up all over the place though because nobodys really around anymore to maintain the website except a couple volunteer moderators with limited access. Most torrents that were tracked on TPB's tracker are now tracked on openbt/publicbt. It's common practice for people to point dns of to 3. Swedish news outlets have already confirmed WikiLeaks was not the target of these raids. It's just a coincidence that them and many other controversial websites are hosted at prq/rix-mainly because of their dedication to anonymity of the customer. 4. Their goal (my guess/opinion) was to take down a bunch of "scene" servers and websites simultaneously to temporarily stem the flow of high quality releases. Release groups and Pre sites/Scene sites often use servers to coordinate their efforts and post their releases to these places first-After which you have a trickle down effect where the torrents are posted to public torrent sites most of us are familiar with. I guess they're hoping that there will be enough evidence on these computers to identify some of the individuals who are at the top of the "scene" foodchain-the people who actually sneak the camcorders into the theaters or work at the cd pressing factory to prerelease a new CD etc...

Comment Split the difference (Score 0) 553

Why not split the difference? Have an experienced, well-paid professional career pilot as the main pilot. The "co-pilot" will be some $15/hr assistant/stewardess, with basic knowledge on how to land the plane in an emergency situation but that's about it. Or make it so every flight has a stewardess that is trained in emergency landing.

Comment What about laziness (Score 1, Insightful) 285

This study doesn't take into account fatties laziness. Fatties are more likely to sit in the car with the engine running and air conditioning on full blast cuz they're too fucking fat for the climate they live in. Fatties are more likely to drive to the mailbox because their fat knees can't handle their fat bodies.

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