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Comment Re:Console vs PC Gaming Experience (Score 1) 344

You forget


Get bored or annoyed at something in the game

Look online

Get mods

Suddenly have even more playtime out of the game

All you get on consoles are the DLC the studios give out when they're willing to throw a bone at you.
Oh, and if the game is buggy (e.g. Oblivion) forget about unofficial patches on console.

Comment Re:GM (Score 0, Flamebait) 835

Because obviously the next step is to stop them from having a SUV and a car and a huge suburban house. In fact it's well known the environmentalist movement wants to firebomb (in ecologically-friendly ways) all suburbs out of existence. (I do dislike suburbs, but repealing zoning laws would do wonders on that eyesore ;) )

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