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Comment Re:Do you really need color? (Score 1) 557

I sometimes try to convince people of this but most are blinded by the draw of new technology. Color laser used to be reserved for the rich but now anyone can afford it and just having it makes them feel better. A lot of tech purchases are due to an effect like this. The emotional component should not be discounted; the choice is more than a logical one.

Comment Re:No, we can't recommend anything (Score 1) 557

Plus the prices of laser printers are nowhere near what they were 15 years ago. That $2000 (i don't remember what they cost back then but it was at least that much) monochrome laser from 15 years ago can be replaced by a $150 model today. If it lasts 2 years that's still an amortized net gain. 'Good enough' is the new standard; deal with it.

Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 710

The current trend is to get a lot of recessed lights and stick the cheapest CFLs in them. They look terrible though. Even the best CFLs have 82 CRI and a very spiky spectrum using a triphosphor formula. LED bulbs are far worse. The best lights are color proofing 90+CRI T5/T8 fluorescents or halogens (solux for example) if you can stand the heat output. Properly installed lighting with a 60-80% indirect component (bounced off the ceiling for example) any room gets a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to supply and demand (Score 1) 440

Does not apply. There is an unlimited supply and demand is based largely on marketing budget and price in relation to similar products. Changes in demand (purchase demand, not including piracy demand) have not been proven to be connected (either positively or negatively) to piracy (where demand is based on both marketing budget and quality).

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