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Comment Re:Give me functional over flashy/lightweight/simp (Score 1) 129

...Oh, and the screenlock refused to work. After having spent over a day trying to get my workstation back into a state where I could actually _work_, I said "stuff it" and installed WindowMaker, grabbed a few dock-apps by source, hacked my xsession to configure my dual-screen setup, set up the ssh-agent, xlock, etc etc. I really haven't missed having to do all of that manually, but by golly, right now there doesn't seem to be an easily usable alternative!

I've installed my last Ubuntu system, that's for sure.

Just a wild ass guess here, but it sounds like you were hacking on a Debian-based system as if it was Slackware. This may be helpful if you decide to give it another chance.

P.S. Switching to a different theme is a good and fast way to wipe all the flashiness off KDE (and especially Plasma) in short order. I must admit though, it's the first time I've heard of Oxygen described as flashy.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 2) 90

X11 supports touch, as does Wayland of course.

The amazing GUI you saw in that video is built on Qt, and can be run on any platform supported by it with some minimal effort.

"theme based icon recoloring" is implemented in the GUI toolkits.
"1/4 sizing screens" is a job for the compositor, in either system.

The biggest user-visible difference between Wayland and X11 will be tear-free display in all circumstances, provided the application's developer has half a clue.

The biggest differences for developers will be the sane (for today's requirements) architecture and vastly simplified API (a big deal in itself).

Comment Re:Not surprising. (Score 2) 193

Search for any given infohash on Google and see for yourself how many indexers there are other than TPB (with many more appearing every day). Somehow I feel they won't all disappear, not until we get a World Government, or something. ;-)

Now, in case they all disappear before we get the aforementioned government, DHT can still do the job, even if it's a bit slow. It also is kinda searchable by the way, and expect to see supernode-based structures for fast in-client searching in the future (if they don't already exist, I'm not up to date on the subject).

Comment Re:Only Opt out of Being Reminded (Score 1) 97

First steps I do after creating a new Firefox profile:

  1. Set Firefox to reject 3rd party cookies and remove all cookies on session end
  2. Disable all Plugins except Flash and your favorite media player's plugin; gecko-mediaplayer for example.The point is them not even appearing in navigator.plugins. (If you're on Windows(/Mac?), you'll have to repeat this check after every Skype/Office/.NET/Adobe Reader/whatever update. My condolences).
  3. Install Ghostery, RefControl, "Click to Play switch", Scriptish - all from
  4. Install ViewTube & LinkTube from
  5. Set Ghostery (twice - the intial configuration wizard is not enough!) to
    • Block all 3pes by default
    • Not display the Alert Bubble
    • Auto-update the library and block new elements by default
    • Not use GhostRank (it sends every single URL you visit to their servers, right when you visit it)
    • Delete Flash cookies on browser exit
  6. Set RefControl to block sending referers to 3rd party sites

After all of this, I can enable referer sending or cookie/other data persistence per site using RefControl or Firefox's Page Info dialog.

Also, I try to restart the browser at least once a day.

It should be obvious from the above that a) I'm only against being tracked across the web, not ads or analytics done on the same site, and b) it's an uphill battle, and ultimately futile as most browsers (and especially Plugins) leak information in any way they can (plugin/font/javascript feature lists and many more) by default.

Browsers other than Firefox are even worse at this, as they don't allow Extensions to interfere with requests as much. And of course, as soon as you run a Plugin it is game over for privacy on that site at best.

Comment Re:Unity is hard (Score 2) 302

From the actual licence:

2.3 Outbound License
Based on the grant of rights in Sections 2.1 and 2.2, if We
include Your Contribution in a Material, We may license the
Contribution under any license, including copyleft,
permissive, commercial, or proprietary licenses. As a
condition on the exercise of this right, We agree to also
license the Contribution under the terms of the license or
licenses which We are using for the Material on the
Submission Date.

(Empasis mine)

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 379

Either you directly translate it to Python:

def read_file(filename):

    file = open(filename)
    lines = [line.rstrip('\r\n') for line in file]

    data = {}
    for line in lines:
        key, value = line.split('=')
        data[key] = value

    return data

Or you don't:

def read_file(filename):
    with open(filename) as file:
        return dict(line.rstrip('\r\n').split('=', 1) for line in file)

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