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Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 2, Informative) 212

No, Windows can only access 3.5GB of system memory, the remaining 0.5GB will be mapped above 4GB in the physical address space. When you have lots of PCI devices in the system, they take up some space in the physical address space. So if your PCI(E) devices take up 1GB of space, the BIOS will fit less of that 4GB of RAM into the 4GB physcial address space. Your PCI devices would would already be allocating BARs like I said earlier. Like AC said, you can enable PAE to reclaim some of that lost space. I know there is a flag in XP (Run:msconfig, Advanced:) to enable PAE, but I don't know if that has any effect.

Comment Summary of the exploit (Score 1) 242

For those who've no time or inclination to read the article:

1) The attacker should first modify system MTRR
register(s) in order to mark the region of system
memory where the SMRAM is located as
cacheable with type Write-Back (WB).

2) Attacker now generates write accesses to
physical addresses corresponding to locations
where the SMRAM is located.

3) Finally attacker needs to trigger an SMI, which
will transfer execution to the SMM code. The CPU
  will start executing the SMM code, but will be
fetching the instructions from the cache first.

Comment Re:nVidia is doomed. (Score 1) 115

I hate to say it because they do good work, but I think nVidia is ultimately doomed as it is today. Everyone rips Intel's integrated 3d graphics but they just keep getting better every year.

And nVidia's graphics aren't getting any better? A GPU and a CPU stuffed together into the same chip will always be a low-cost/low-power/low-end solution, can never come close to the capability of a GPU that has the whole die to itself. If Intel/AMD has ~2B transistors in a chip that are divided between a general-purpose CPU and a GPU, can that ever match a 2B transistor discrete GPU + a discrete CPU? Unlikely. Plus, CUDA has put forth interesting possibilities for putting the GPU to other uses.

Although AMD should have bought nVidia instead of ATI, they do own ATI, and so have a pretty good graphics system on their own.

And they should have taken nVidia down with them, instead of ATI, like their doing now. They did nVidia a favour by going for ATI instead.

Eventually, both AMD and Intel are going to wind up with 3d calculations on the die in some fashion, and that's going to leave nVidia for what?

See above. Keyword: Discrete GPUs.

Comment Re:Where the moneys at yo! (Score 2, Informative) 203

Unfortunately for you, Indians aren't exactly flocking to the US for treatment. It's actually the other way round, since quality medical care is available for a fraction of the US price here (for those above the poverty line), which has spawned a whole "medical tourism" industry. The doctors here are as good as anywhere else in the world, and make very good money. Most successful doctors I have known have been very compassionate people. Good luck to you, kid.

Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

That's not surprising. It happens with regularity in my company. QA often reports errors by taking snapshots of the error screen/kernel panic with a reasonably high megapixel camera, since the errors are often screen corruption and kernel panics. IMHO it's a perfectly legit thing to do, taking camera shots, they just need to have enough details so that us devs don't go blind trying to spot the details.

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