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Comment Re:Masking tape (Score 1) 478

I believe it was a reference to soma. Brave New World is generally seen as being more "bread and circuses" whereas 1984 leans more towards oppressive governmental control[1] (see, eg, Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman). Television is fairly Huxley-esque in that it's about people voluntarily distracting themselves from the burden of political involvement, rather than being forcibly put in their place by something like Miniluv.

[1]: That's not to say that the majority of the population in 1984 isn't kept under control by the media, it's just a less prominent theme.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 2) 101

I'm relatively sure "they" has a long history of being used for a set of people without implying they're a specific group with any sort of organisation.

For instance: "Bakers are excellent. They make delicious things for me to eat."

If you think bakers are a more concrete group than Anonymous then you're kidding yourself. Anonymous is simply "anyone who identifies as Anonymous in some context".

Comment Re:Irony (Score 2) 101

It'll be a V for Vendetta movie reference, more accurately.

Which is sort of derived in part from the whole Guy Fawkes thing, but I bet most of Anonymous have very little idea about anything outside of that film[1].

[1] I initially meant "anything about Guy Fawkes outside of that film", but I'll leave it as it stands.

Comment Re:New Godwin's Law Required (Score 2) 388

I don't think this was an explanation of why older workers aren't as good as young ones... I read it as why they're less appealing to management (who've just learned that the Cloud is the next big thing. Or node.js. Or something).

The whole "that will be obsolete or irrelevant in 1.7 years" makes it pretty clear to me that the poster shares the "new-fangled" opinion.

Comment Re:Sued a Paying Customer For $1.5M? (Score 1) 339

I would argue that using "theft" for copyright infringement is just as ridiculous, and the only reason it's not "unlikely" is because it's happening.

I propose we try to counter this "evolution" by encouraging the term "culture rape" for copyright itself (at least in those instances where it's excessive).

Submission + - Outrage as New Zealand Passes Anti-Filesharing Law ( 2

master5o1 writes: "The Pirate Party of New Zealand is disappointed that the Government used urgency to pass the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill after the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill.

"Not only is the urgency process being abused," party secretary Noel Zeng stated, "but our government is also exploiting the people of Christchurch by using their unfortunate situation to pass underhanded legislation.""

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