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Comment Re:HandBrake? (Score 0) 619

Except Xvid has always been open and works just fine across multiple devices.

X264 is a terrible standard, with various files and options breaking support on some devices and programs. Other files just won't play at all. It just creates tedious compatibility issues.

I have files that play in some programs and devices, not others. That that are supposedly supported (like my iPod Touch), the iPod can't recognize. In short, x264 encoding is a giant clusterfuck compared to Xvid, which I know will just work on my Xbox, my DVD player, my portable media player etc... (Only device it won't is my iPod.)

And as the comment below said Handbrake is just another utility using ffmpeg etc...

Comment Re:I haven't used DIVX in years (Score 2, Informative) 619

It's depressing to see x264 become so ubiquitous as it seems very fractured. I have devices that will play some videos, but not all.

Bitch all you want about Divx, but if I want something that will stream to my Xbox without fail, play on my DVD player... Divx/Xvid is the only option.

Comment Re:Check for the signed label! (Score 3, Informative) 340

It's nice to see the other side of the coin though. The App Store, this would never have made it through.

Malware is only going to grow on Android.

Don't get me wrong, I think Apple are TOO controlling, but Android phones become more ubiquitous, malware is going to get worse.

This is only the beginning. (Ominous music)

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 579

Yep. I've had actual doctors say that too. And that you're better off getting H1N1 than seasonal flu.

I've had flu multiple times in my life. Interestingly the only people I know who've had H1N1 have never had flu before.

This marketing is great. Sow the seed earlier in the year, then let it grow, then stir up the hype. Viral marketing if you will. And now they crank up the fear.

And a lot of people involved in production of the vaccine are saying they won't take it.

Comment Re:The one crucial point (Score 0, Flamebait) 430

Of course they can.

Bollocks can they. The ideal that pharma wants is to keep you alive as long as possible in ill health.

Pharma doesn't make a dime from healthy people. If you think otherwise, you are an idiot.

This is an industry which has been shown repeatedly to lie about the efficacy of their products, with faked peer review journals, suppressed negative results, lawsuits, corruption etc...

And yet people trust that the companies who patented the H1N1 vaccine BEFORE the Mexico event have done testing and would never release a defective product, or put out a seasonal vaccine which is anything less than claim, despite the fact that the inserts accompanying their very own products state that vaccines have not been tested for long term carcinogenic, mutagenic and other effects.

The reason cancer hasn't been cured, and I've had medical professionals agree with me on this, is because they've yet to figure out how to make the cure more profitable than the treatment of the disease.

Sure, pharma don't want you dead. They just want you using their products for as long as possible, and have no interest in your good health. They want you in poor health, but not quite ready to die.

In no other avenue of life would people blindly trust a company to not mislead or try to make as much money as possible off them. Pharma answers to one thing just like every other capitalist venture. Shareholders. Their entire existence is to make money first.

I just get so angry with this blind worship of the pharmaceutical industry when they are not better than used car dealers who willingly sell you something which might kill you so long as there's profit to be had. McDonalds do it. Smith and Wesson do it. General Motors do it. Pfizer do it. GlaxxoSmithkline do it.

You're best interests are purely secondary.

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