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Submission + - Researchers warn of possible BitTorrent meltdown (

secmartin writes: "Researchers at Delft University warn that large parts of the BitTorrent network might collapse if The Pirate Bay is forced to shut down. A large part of the avaliable torrents use The Pirate Bay as tracker, and other available trackers will probably be overloaded if all traffic is shifted there. TPB is currently using eight server for their trackers.

According to the researchers, even trackerless torrents using the DHT protocol will face problems: "One bug in a DHT sorting routine ensures that it can only "stumble upon success", meaning torrent downloads will not start in seconds or minutes if Pirate Bay goes down in flames.""


Submission + - Kaspersky customer database exposed (

secmartin writes: "A hacker has managed to gain access to several databases via a SQL injection vulnerability on Kaspersky's US website. He has posted several screenshots and a list of available tables; judging from the table names, the information available includes data on bugs and user- and reseller accounts.

The hacker has indicated that no confidential information will be posted on the Internet, but since a large part of the URL's used was visible in screenshots, it will only be a matter of time before somebody else manages to duplicate this."

Comment Re:A firm date from Google? (Score 2, Informative) 308

According to the mac status page for Chromium, the browser currently fails 10% of the Webkit layout tests; work hasn't even started on building a user interface yet. So I think a release within six months is a bit optimistic.

If you'd like to get a preview of the Mac release, there are up-to-date builds available here so you don't have to compile it yourself.


Submission + - Several high-profile Twitter accounts hacked (

secmartin writes: "Following the big phishing scam yesterday, Twitter has just reported that at least 33 accounts have been hacked using internal tools used by Twitter's support team. Several high-profile accounts were compromised, including those used by Barack Obama and Britney Spears.

The exact vulnerability that was used to gain access to these support tools is currently unknown."

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