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Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 548

The natural relation between 2^20, 2^30 and *memory* size lies in addressing it by digital wires, which is how computer work, and which is why contrary to your statement persistent storage devices such as ROMs and flash memory will of course have block sizes that are powers of two.
Even storage mediums that don't employ a power-of-two block size internally, will often carry power-of-two payloads for the user, because to be useful, the stored data will have to be loaded into a RAM chip at some point, and there it will once again find its natural relation with power of twos (it's not like you can't have a non-power-of-two block size, but you would incur at runtime into a waste of storage space and/or impaired performance, and end up working with non-natural units as a bonus).
I agree with you in the fact that nowadays end users no longer care about the exact block count of their devices (why, on the PC everyone was happy calling the 1.4 MiB floppies as "1.44", and the difference was noteworthy back then!) so perhaps OSes should employ power-of-ten units for user-friendly displays. Plus, that would match the units used for network transfer, which historically have never been based on power of twos. Then again, you should also say in the case of lumber "7.62 cm by 10.16 cm" instead of "three-by-four", as inches are asinine units and have no natural relation with physics ;-) .

Comment Re:We have "selected platforms" without standards (Score 3, Interesting) 207

But EME are not a standardized form of DRM. With EME you don't get a standard platform that anyone can implement in order to watch DRM-protected media. EME is a standardization of HTML hooks that allow portions of a web page to be decoded by a closed source, proprietary, non standardized binary plugin, that the content provider will choose. The difference from the past is that before EME, publishers would force you to install their proprietary plugin. With EME, they'll force you to use the proprietary browser (Chrome) or operating system (Android) that they think will prevent you from downloading their stuff. It's arguably even worse than the Sony rootkit, because you can be forced to use an operating system that has no root access for you but is safe for them. And since the proprietary plugin will not even need to be installed, because it will most probably come built-in with the browser or the OS, content providers will have even less disincentive to make use of it.

Comment Re:Troll? (Score 3, Insightful) 271

Globalization is causing the lowering of wages, and it won't stop until the poorest country becomes as rich as the richest one. Economists say that it's a good thing and that it can't be stopped, and the average slashdot reader does too, at least as long as it's not his job sector that gets affected.

Comment Re:FX Pro on apple.... (Score 4, Interesting) 259

You don't. If you watch the video (click on the "here" link at the end of the summary) he makes it clear that he's comparing time to get to an end result. Not hardware. The complete package. Hardware + software.

He's not comparing hardware and software to get an end result. He's comparing hardware and software to get two different end results (running two different programs, arbitrarily chosen). Hence the comparison does not make any sense whatsoever. Different programs take different time to run on different computers and you can't infer anything from that.

He then goes further on, providing an explanation (that the macbook pro is faster because it is more "optimized") without any proof (he didn't actually indicate what optimization is there on the mac and isn't there on the pc) for a fact that he didn't measure in the first place (that the macbook pro is faster).

This video makes as much sense as buying a 2016 macbook pro.

Comment Re:clarification (Score 1) 208

It is widely known that the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia because they wanted to keep it under their influence. My sentence was meant as a parody of the Soviet propaganda, which justified violations of the sovereignty of the countries of the Eastern block with the alleged threat of a fascist invader from the West. The Berlin wall, for instance, was called something like "anti-fascist protection barrier" from their side.

Comment Re:clarification (Score 2) 208

I didn't say that the methods were the same, I said that the intentions were. Of course living under the protection of the USA was far better than living under the protection of the USSR. But this doesn't change the fact that altruism was the last thought in the mind of political leaders when they partitioned Europe after WW2. As for the feelings of the common people, the average person from the streets of Russia will genuinely think that their troops have to be deployed abroad in order to altruistically defend other countries from fascist aggressions, in the same way as Americans might genuinely think that Europe is made up of lazy people who need to be altruistically defended by US forces which, as a result, have the right not to clean any mess they make in the process.

And let's be honest, the US never spent less on welfare because they needed the money to patrol Greenland. They have done so because welfare programs aren't high on the list of priorities of the American electorate.

Comment Re:Developers of the standard hope.... (Score 2) 135

Not only the device will have to support multiplexing, DRM, power management, protocol negotiation, DRM, compression, encryption, DRM, delivery of power to the external amplyfiers, DRM... it will also have to still support the analog audio option. So the "less power hungry" claim is bullshit.

I'll concede that the "slimmer" claim is realistic, given that two connectors take less space than one. But in a time when phones are getting larger and larger, I don't think this is going to solve anyone's problem.

The claim that devices will be "smarter", instead, can be scary. USB devices can be flaky at times because of the complexity of the protocol. On top on that, I've had some mixed experiences with USB-audio class devices in particular. And if the analog audio option of this new connector isn't mandatory, we'll end up buying earphones that sometimes work, sometimes don't, depending on an invisible capability of the device. Not to mention that application software can prevent the use of the analog outputs for DRM reasons, as it happens today for the video outputs.

Comment Re:How about.... (Score 2) 232

No population of today has much to do with the same population of the 5th century BC, anywhere, but especially so in an area, ranging from Turkey to India, where many country borders were pretty much drawn by colonial forces as recently as some decades ago. Therefore I think that using the narration of ancient history, either accurate or conveniently spun, to deny legitimation for a whole modern population, is silly. This holds true for both the Israeli and the Palestinians. There are two communities living there, today, and I suspect that most of them barely know who their grandparents are, let alone care about where their ancestors were living before Christ, and just want to live a peaceful life in the place where they were born; unfortunately I'm the least qualified person on Earth to suggest them a way to reach this goal.

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