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Comment Re:SO? : Not where I work (Score 1) 477

The factory I work in (central Illinois) manufactures mass produced machines for the automotive and marine industries. We use inconel from UK, steel from Canada, and aluminum from Wisconsin. Even the packing we use is made by International Paper in Texas. I'm sure we use products from China in support of our operations, but the Lion's share that goes into the finished product is NOT from China. The AS400 that runs the factory may be made in China, I don't have the bill of material. The cleaning supplies; same thing; no BOM, etc. Your results may vary. I drive Chevy's, Buick's, GMC truck, Harley bike, and a Winnebago. At least I try to buy AMERICAN. How bout you?

Your last thought intrigues me. What's special about American? I was born in, raised in, and still live in the United States, but I don't understand why you would give blind allegiance or stronger preference for stuff made in your own country. If a product from another country genuinely outperforms a product from the USA on all fronts (cost, efficiency, etc.), why would you stick with the American product? The only conclusion I can make from classical economics (i.e. not behavioral economics) is that you have a higher utility for patriotism than I do.

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 3, Insightful) 77

The worm's been around for the better part of a year now and these features are in it from the beginning.
The data is somewhat more up-to-date than last year. I disagree with the article in a few points.

First it says: "IronPort Systems estimates that, at its most destructive point in July 2007..."; I'd argue that it was at its most destructive during the September DDoS against multiple sites.

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