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Comment It's just a personality clash (Score 2, Interesting) 218

keep reading all of the letters and you'll see that she failed to report the guy about the fact that she found it creepy, and maybe even exaggerated some of his behaviour.

the only thing that makes me vote for the guy is the fact that she refused apology and counselling when it would've been best. In my opinion, that girl is as shy as a mouse, and the guy is a bit of a jerk, but that ain't a reason to apply a formal complaint without trying to resolve the issue by their own means..

Comment Raising questions (Score 1) 1766

Why, if god created us as his ultimate bmw, are our bodies so not-elegant? anybody who saw the real version of the inner life of a cell ( ) can see how much complexity lies inside us. why is our chest made from an element that's not the most resistant element in the universe? im sure that prosthetic limbs are now getting better (more resistant, etc) than our usual limbs so how can we get 'better' at doing some parts of our bodies if god created us? most of our bodily processes are not straightforward? of course we are very efficient at doing what we do, but the same effectiveness can be achieved by other, more straightforward, methods. [/newline] and how strange it is indeed that most animals survive better on the enviroments they are found and have a hard time on other places.. of course for evolution theory this questions can be answered in one line, i would like to see such elegant explanation to these and many other questions with ID. Please post more questions that fail to be explained by ID, and of course, saying 'god is all-knowing' is not an explanation by ID.

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