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Comment They should be called the iSchoolBoard (Score 1) 1217

"The district considered PCs but decided to go with MacBooks because Apple offers a better package with educational and technical support, Hayes said. Plus, the software the district would have to purchase for a PC adds up. "When it came down to it, there was a minimal difference in savings," he said. "

So, the obvious comment here would be "WHAT ABOUT LINUX????????????". Everyone would be allowed to keep their old notebooks and the software would be free.. OH, but i hear you complain about tech support. Well, it seems, no other than, the school already thought about it:

"Apple will also provide free technical support at the high school. A teacher is becoming certified through the company, and students in tech support classes will get hands-on experience fixing other students' computers if they break. The school will provide a replacement laptop while it's being worked on. "

Basically change Apple for Canonical (or any other major linux distro corp), and you'll get the same results, if not better ones. Besides, there's tons of educational software for linux out there, and i'm sure more and more will boil to the surface and get improved if they'd go with linux.

students learning to give support will also learn about coding in the way, and soon enough they'll start improving the very software they use in classes (which would be a neat idea actually for a class project).

of course, there's the possibility that the computer actually breaks, and it would end up to be the student's responsability to fix it since the school can't have deals with every manufacturer...BUT, is that really a problem? AND, is apple gonna give that kind of support for free as well?

i wouldn't be surprised if i went to the school board's houses and find iHouses instead, with a real scale, full-body photo of Steve Jobs in their bathtubs and a huge briefcase of iCash hidden inside their iCloset. This kind of things makes me mad, sort of.....

Comment About the fonts.. (Score 1) 150

wouldn't this allow people to change the meaning of sentences?

well.. maybe a word's meaning is always subject to the ways we see them used, but this makes words a lot more flexible in meaning..

it also gives marketers a very sweet way to impress their bosses (and the audience) with this fonts..

intellectual discussions about the true content of the fonts will start all around the globe. Poets will commit mass suicide.

No, really. is this a good or a bad thing?

Comment Re:Sad that this is even being considered (Score 1) 1238

well.. i'm just worried about the consequences of letting a batch of miseducated young people run freely to lead the country :(

The US already has a reputation of 'going out to get' anyone who stands in its way, but i always soothed myself with the thought that it was only greedy people's action, and they got away with it because most people were unaware and stupid.. so that would only get better with time (parents learn about it by chance and pass over the morals to their children etc..) ..

this may prove me wrong. and it scares the willies out of me if you ask. Next thing you know, they're approving bombings unthinkable of today..

just to be sure... are all the bombs stored in the north or the south??? :S

Comment Re:Sure, blame it on the iPad (Score 1) 351

he/she meant that the problem is looking directly at the source of light.

when you read with an overhead lamp, the light travels twice the distance to reach your eyes, plus the absorption of the surrounding objects.. it ain't the same stuff.

i do agree that it's redundant to say ''laptop or iPad'', and btw, the kindle uses e-Paper.. it ain't lit.. RTFA before commenting -.-

Comment It's just a personality clash (Score 2, Interesting) 218

keep reading all of the letters and you'll see that she failed to report the guy about the fact that she found it creepy, and maybe even exaggerated some of his behaviour.

the only thing that makes me vote for the guy is the fact that she refused apology and counselling when it would've been best. In my opinion, that girl is as shy as a mouse, and the guy is a bit of a jerk, but that ain't a reason to apply a formal complaint without trying to resolve the issue by their own means..

Comment Raising questions (Score 1) 1766

Why, if god created us as his ultimate bmw, are our bodies so not-elegant? anybody who saw the real version of the inner life of a cell ( http://multimedia.mcb.harvard.edu/ ) can see how much complexity lies inside us. why is our chest made from an element that's not the most resistant element in the universe? im sure that prosthetic limbs are now getting better (more resistant, etc) than our usual limbs so how can we get 'better' at doing some parts of our bodies if god created us? most of our bodily processes are not straightforward? of course we are very efficient at doing what we do, but the same effectiveness can be achieved by other, more straightforward, methods. [/newline] and how strange it is indeed that most animals survive better on the enviroments they are found and have a hard time on other places.. of course for evolution theory this questions can be answered in one line, i would like to see such elegant explanation to these and many other questions with ID. Please post more questions that fail to be explained by ID, and of course, saying 'god is all-knowing' is not an explanation by ID.

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