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Comment Re:Fraud (Score 1) 233

> A specific claim like "it was a sonic weapon used by the Russians" might require extraordinary evidence.

Sure it does. They might as well write it was done by USG, testing some new weapon.. it holds the same amount of credibility as the "Russians did it" popular spin, if not more, considering what the USG is capable of.

Until they have evidence (and no, an "IP address" is not evidence) , everybody will choose to believe in some of these stories, most will think Russians did it because they are guillable like that.

Comment Re:You are delusional (Score 1) 347

> Oh, and only one party is effectively in league with the Russians. You will never live this down, you dirty fucking commies. Get out of my country.

I was just waiting for this after reading the first line.
Like ... ok.. there must be Russians mentioned somewhere here. Grand conspiracy by the Russians to destroy American freedom.

You don't need no help from the Russians, you people (rep or dem, doesn't matter what puppet system is in place) are going to destroy it all by yourself, and you're well underway, this has been going on for the past 30 years. Bigger nanny / police state in history of modern world. That's what you have. And you can keep it, too.

Having said that, fuck Ajit Pai and the FCC.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 94

Actually, PHP is pretty decent now as of version 7.1, with massive improvements over earlier versions + it remained backward compatible (for the most part).
Just shows that core PHP developers are committed.

Still too easy to make mistakes, that's it's biggest flaw. Too many new programmers copy/pasting outdated code from examples on internet without understanding how it works, and it allows you to do pretty much everything. With proper design, and testing this is not an issue, but again.. many don't do any of this.

Comment Re:500 charges is not enough (Score 1) 137

> I'm charging my S8+ ~1.5 a day. 500 charges means that after just 1 year the battery is at 78% of capacity, What happens after 1.5 years?

If you ask samsung, or any other corporation that sells consumer products they would reply: Buy new one.

This is exactly what they _WANT_, and it's easy to see because everything you buy new lasts less than previous version of the same thing.

Comment Re:It takes only 5 minutes to load a dishwasher (Score 1) 277

> Dishes are a solved problem. Cleaning up the other areas of kitchen: Not so much, apart from paying for a housekeeper.

Or a wife.
Not everybody is single you know. I'm perfectly happy with my wife. We don't even need a dishwasher, not that I ever had one.

Comment Re:Wait (Score 1) 277

> She is back from her trip, but the sexbot is still nice for when she isn't "in the mood". She has an appetite for about 3 times per week, and I prefer about twice that. So the doll makes up the difference.

So you're fucking a doll, while your wife is around (not that it's not bad enough that you have a doll at all) ?
That's the creepiest thing anybody admitted, ever.

What happened to good ol' jacking off to internet porn ?

Comment Re: Study shows... (Score 1) 156

> 1) Yes, quite, this is a measure of what people THINK makes them act in certain ways, with no double blind, no control, no measurement, in fact no science. Yawn.

The reason why people think like this, is because they did it 200 times and it always ends up the same.

I'm yet to hear somebody saying that they feel aggressive drinking beer, and slow and mellowed out on whiskey. Funny how nobody thinks that.

Comment Re:Overblown. Gonna play devil's advocate. (Score 1) 263

> Let's suppose that there are no malicious uses of web tracking, that it is solely used to improve the user experience. There's still a big problem, which is that a lot of software developers are just incompetent when it comes to security. And sorry to break it to you, but your post proves that you're one of them. > If you don't see the problem with a key logger on a site that contains a password field, and then sending those logged keys to a third-party, and through unencrypted channels, then you need to be fired from your job as a web dev asap. So, who's talking about security ? If you want to talk about security and how tracking is done, then open another thread that discusses security. This topic, and my reply to it is about tracking itself, and session replays.
Your assumption appears to be "if you track, you're bad at security" - which makes no sense at all.

I never said I don't see a problem with sending password fields, or sending them even clear text even. Again, where did you read that ?

What I said is that for people that are tracking, you are not afgam28, you are "a3727fd0a20d5eef697d3c2f41bf0e4d" for purposes of improving the UI, and automating certain things to, again, improve your experience in using our website.

Comment Overblown. Gonna play devil's advocate. (Score 3, Interesting) 263

So, this is completely overblown out of proportion. I'm a web dev, and more. Basically I've been deciding and implementing all sort of web things, including this "tracking" everybody is hung up about. Everywhere I worked at, the "tracking" is used for the good of a consumer as in ... analyzing data to provide better user experience, to make it easier for the users to find what they need ( granted: in effort to increase sales ), when they need it, and overall just increase user experience.

After 15 years of being in the business, I never seen tracking for malicious purposes (or purposes other than attempting to make it easier for YOU to use the website ).

I understand the concerns people are having, but jesus christ you people talk about it like we're filming you while in a shower, just because websites track where people click and what they insert into a web form ( on their own sites ) does not mean they CARE about you. No business cares about the individual.. but about statistics, percentages, numbers.

It's even said so in the article summary:
"Session replay scripts are used by companies to gain insight into how their customers are using their sites and to identify confusing webpages."

What on earth is so wrong about this ?
For people doing it, this is you "a3727fd0a20d5eef697d3c2f41bf0e4d". This is what they see and track, and care about.

Get over yourself, for god sake.

Comment Re:When I answer my phone (Score 1) 154

> The obvious countermeasure is to have your own bot answer your phone and screen your calls before passing them on to you.

LOL... if I had some robot screening my phone calls when I call my friends, they wouldn't be my friends anymore.. seriously... only a nerd can think of something like this and get away with it.

Comment Re:Browser speed is not the issue (Score 1) 234

> I had the same problem. But FF has a fix for this. Find the Help tab in the menu, then click on Troubleshooting Information. This opens a new tab, which has a button in the upper right corner called Refresh Firefox... Click that. Then FF starts doing some magic and after a while it's finished and your problem is over. At least, it worked for me. You need to re-set a few settings but nothing spectacular as far as I could see

Chrome also has a fix for it. Close the tab, then fire it up again.

Seriously though... I'm at my computer 10 hours a day. I have 6 GB of RAM, I'm running Mint Linux ... and not once since I work at this computer did I have a problem with chrome / some rouge website eating all my RAM. What kind of websites are you people keeping open constantly ??
Just close the tabs if you're not on it ... it works!

Comment Re:Well... (Score 3, Insightful) 295

> I did it; I dropped my blood pressure from 128/86 to 105/60, without medication, through diet and exercise. It's not that hard, but the reason I succeeded where many like me fail is that as a geek measuring, tracking and evaluating data comes naturally to me.

The reason most people 'fail' is because they don't see results immediately. They lack patience, discipline and proper motivation (eg. it's not "i want to be sexy" or "handsome"). I was like this, my GF is like this, I have couple of friends that mentioned it.. etc. It's hard to simulate physical labor and "enjoy" it, or at least.. stick with it as a lifestyle.
Modern exercise is a simulation of real physical work which comes natural to us. Most people can do physical work, the work itself is a motivation and whatever the product of that work is... but when you take away that work (hence the product) and put a person on a treadmill, there is no natural goal anymore.. and health seems so abstract and far away that most people give up after an hour or so of running aimlessly ( so they feel ). And you have to plan for this, schedule it.. gym memberships etc. which adds to an extra headache.

I for one *hate* gyms. I don't like sharing space with other people, sharing sweat especially. I don't like locker rooms, public showers etc. either. You will not see me in a gym.

Point is. You don't need calculations, statistics and mathematics to stick with exercise. That might work for you, but I wouldn't agree it works for most people.
What people need is a sense of accomplishment, and health + muscle mass etc. to be a CONSEQUENCE, and a side effect, not the main goal.
If it's like this, and if people do physical labor for proper reasons, then the boredom, and lack of motivation sill not be an issue anymore.

> Controlling mild hypertension with prescriptions is a choice. You *can* do it with lifestyle changes.

This not being the common sense is what the problem is with modern society, especially western ones where this way of thinking seem to be prevalent.
I'm sure if we manage to not kill ourselves, this will be one of the things mentioned in the history books as that retarded thing people from 2000s thought it's ok.
Like we think that people 2000 years ago were stupid, ignorant, barbaric, etc... this is going down in history as one of the things stupid people of 21 century did.

Stuff yourself with crap fake food full of chemicals that are not supposed to be there (preservatives, colorings, etc.) that, naturally, effect body chemistry as you're ingesting these, and then take more chemicals to try to fix the consequence of your bad diet and lack of physical movement... and then go about thinking it's actually normal to live like this.

Good luck to you all.

Comment politics (Score 3, Insightful) 707

> "inciting or engaging in harassment of others," "promoting hate and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease

Fuck those 3 white supremacist dudes, but it's ok for tens of thousands ANTIFA and similar to spew hate, insult and otherwise promote hate and violence ?

Everybody is aware of this.. just making sure it's pointed out, as it should be, every time they do something like this where they decide who gets to have a voice and who doesn't.

Comment Re:I've been hearing the same argument since 2011. (Score 1) 284

> When a single btc will be worth $70k, those idiots will still spew their usual nonsense.
It's because they didn't think to buy any when it was $100, now they just hoping it's going to crash an dpeople loose money.
Just look at some comments here.. borderline 'hate' and hope it will crash for example, from above:

"It'll be a thing of beauty. A death spiral never before seen in any other 'bubble'."

And you can see this every time there's a bitcoin news here.

Disclaimer: I don't have any bitcoins. Wish I was smart enough to invest couple of K, 5 years ago.

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