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Comment Re:Not too worried (Score 1) 780

If I call you a mealy-mouthed anti-intellectual pompous turd-brained gutter rat with a Terry Schiavo-like IQ and all the sense one would expect from a decayed chunk of dog vomit, you think I should be fined or go to jail?

No, but I do think that you should work harder on your insults if you really mean them 'to cause substantial emotional distress'.

Comment Re:Probable Cause? (Score 1) 1079

No, but having those things mean you have the ability to do things the government doesn't want you to do. The easiest way to prevent crime is to take away everyone's freedom.

Actually the intent is to make everyone a criminal to further empower those in charge. They don't want to prevent crime, they want everyone to be a criminal waiting to happen.

Comment Re:...What? (Score 1) 1117

See the state of Maine for details. There's a laptop program in place, statewide for grades 7 & 8 called MLTE. They're MacBooks - the state got some sort of "deal" with Apple.

They kids aren't given root access, and the schools maintain an image for restoration in case of things getting ruined. AFAIK, there are browse restrictions at school, but no other filtering software is installed that I know of.

Comment Boost to graphics card sales (Score 1) 103

Opening up a larger market for their bread-n-butter card sales can't hurt. Probably a bigger win for nVidia than trying to continue to cut in on chipset sales. Intel's X38 & X48 chipsets have been major successes, and have probably boosted sales of ATI (er, AMD) boards. Both nVidia and Intel have a vested interest in reducing the market share of AMD...so it's not completely off the wall. Makes you wonder what sort of tradsies are involved. Probably not an x86 license.

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