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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 301

Nope. Probably because I'm regarded as "poor" because I enjoy working in IT Support, make $50K per year and live in Silicon Valley. Should I piss on others who make less than me because I'm pissed on by others who are "rich" than me?

Of course income isn't the be all and end all.

I earn a comfortable amount - but there are many people that earn less than me that have more at the end of the month and many people that earn more that have less

Comment Not for me - Tinfoil Hat (Score 4, Insightful) 75

I would like my methods of payment and my physical being to be as separate as possible.

It is invasive enough at the moment that public transport wants to 'force' traceable and easily tracked methods of payment in the name of autonomy and convenience (see Data Collection) and while I doubt they have very little interest in my specific transactions or movements - this doesn't sit easy with me.

Again, my underwear drawer is clean - this doesn't mean I want to give everyone permission to look through it.

Comment Re:Unity? (Score 1) 255

Even the allegedly small footprint distributions are slower on every computer I've tried them on than Windows 10.

Yes, I used to enjoy "revitalising" old Windows machines for family who had given up on them only to return them with a fresh flavour of lightweight (or even full scale) linux.

But it appears that the small footprint days are gone.

Comment Re:A news? (Score 2) 190


Work provided me with a iPhone 4S when they were new. It has received regular updates and I have had no reason to upgrade the phone as it is really my portable email/phone-call machine.

My last personal phone was a HTC, which I loved as a tool. . 3 years later and never an OS upgrade received. Time came to update my personal phone and HTC, as much as I loved it when new, did not get any of my money. If HTC had provided updates, I would still be a customer now.

Comment We are not all back waters (Score 1) 161

and at one stroke eliminates the typical years of delay that occur when a U.S. program seeks foreign audiences.

Weeks, and months, but seldom is it years, and, if it is, this is likely because the Networks here did not see a potential audience for it.

I can only speak for New Zealand, We receive a high amount of out programming the same week and the same day as the U.S/U.K (especially for the most popular shows).

If not that quick, many others are being played before the series has run its course in the U.S.

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