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Comment Re:Consumer? Pah. (Score 1) 177

Yes, if only the BBC were more like ITV or Channel 5. Why, then we'd be able to watch reality TV without being interrupted by nature documentaries with Attenborough, quality news or original comedies. What a blissful world that would be!

Comment Re:power saving tip: disable the optical drive (Score 1) 907

This might be solving the user's immediate issue (if he has time/inclination to rip the disk ahead of time, and assuming that the battery isn't dying even when the DVD is not in use), but it also neatly avoids the need to address the actual problem (crap battery life).

Well, unless the replier is going to quickly solve the underlying problem, the only useful response is the one given. The replier didn't give what was asked, but gave what was needed.

Comment Re:How Exactly Does This Fight Spam? (Score 1) 287

But who learned from that? Only that individual advertiser. Even if each advertiser never makes money, as long as there is another sucker in line, there will be no end to spam.

You're assuming here that if *some* people will still send spam that the problem will be the same. Sure, some people will advertise through email. However, you're now limited to people willing to pay quite large sums for modest exposure.

I'm most concerned about people who have a legitimate reason to send out lots of emails. Anyone running a newsletter for example. You'd need a way of allowing people to send emails without it costing them.

Comment Re:God Bless Him (Score 1) 600

Ultimately it boils down to the fact that Wikipedia is not a primary source

How about Scholarpedia?

What of the thousands of online copies of peer-reviewed papers?

So let's try a different exercise: look up a bunch of Wikipedia articles on various subjects and follow the references. How many of those references are available online? How many of those references would require a visit to the library (or, for those who can afford it, a book purchase)?

Why only wikipedia?

A second challenge, try to find academic papers in a library. How many could you not find there?

Comment Re:God Bless Him (Score 1) 600

I have a better test: try to make it through college without attending classes and without consulting a single offline reference. Unless you already know the material, chances are you'll not progress anywhere near as quickly as those students who rely on non-internet resources.

If you are doing the test properly and mean "*only* non-internet resources" at the end, then I'm certain I'd win. My course was AI, most lecture notes were available online and failing that I could very quickly have the most important papers on the topic on my screen. I haven't taken a single (on topic) book out of the library during my course, have never felt the need to as I could get up-to-date information almost instantly. Those not using the internet would have had an extremely difficult time.

Your test is also somewhat biased, since the idea is to compare the internet an libraries. You've compared the internet to libraries and lectures.

Comment Re:Stimulate to move... (Score 2, Insightful) 379

I was trying to point out that going faster than sound is only a fundamental issue for sound based tracking. Fast & small objects are *hard* to track with other methods, not impossible.

You claimed it was _completely_ useless (emphasis yours) for situations like the one they quoted. The idea that they hadn't considered that the bullets may be moving faster than sound was the one I was responding to.

Comment Re:Stimulate to move... (Score 1) 379

It's also _completely_ useless against long-range sniper rounds, since those exceed the speed of sound quite easily.

It's only useless if they use sound, even the patent suggests using an EM wave.

FTFA: "The projectile may be detected in the detecting step by emitting an electromagnetic wave from a projectile detector and receiving the electromagnetic wave after the electromagnetic wave has been reflected back toward the projectile detector by the projectile."

Comment Re:NEdit (Score 1) 1131

Yeah, i use nedit when i need to cut and paste columns. Nothing else seems to do that.

Visual modes in vim:
v = visual mode
shift-v = line selection
ctrl-v = block selection

Go into visual mode with ctrl-v and select the column :)

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