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Comment Re:This all goes well (Score 1) 49

I am an Oracle DBA for BagOfPucks(tm) company, and I just so happen to chum with a head software security guy at Symantec. He informs me off the cuff everytime there are undocumented zero day breaches, so that if pertinent (which they sometimes are), I can act accordingly to protect the system.

Of course, I offset this with buying pizza and beer. Its a very good bartering system, I would imagine that if they ever needed to rebuild an Oracle backend, I would be tapped :)

Comment Re:Why not Firebird? (Score 1) 263

We use a firebird DBMS at work, and it is an fairly decent flat file solution, but its not on the level of MySQL.

It can be used to serve multiple clients, I've read into people storing massive amounts of data in it for testing purposes, and it does have some cool features (Instead-Of triggers on views), but I think MySQL is the more "mature" solution.

Comment Re:Surprising in its unsurprisingness (Score 1, Interesting) 833

I'm upset that the americans are spying on us Canadians, so much for our brotherhood. Spying on allies? Sounds like a deal breaker for me. Furthermore, the isolation, polarizing view of those in power, for example Hillary Clinton, is evident. American and Non-American? Why word it like that? I interpet that as "with us, or against us."

Comment Re:Septic (Score 1) 309

Hmm, this is interesting, are you using a gravel field or the long lines? I've personally seen fields successfully over many years in much smaller plots of land (sections). Possibly due to the percolation value of the land.

But agreed, too far from starbucks, so the people will selfishly pollute. I know I'm not providing a realistic alternative, I'm just unhappy with the decision, if it does go ahead.

Comment Re:Septic (Score 1) 309

Not necessarily, in less dense population you can use the septic field technology. I realize this might be a hard concept for a lot of people to swallow, but whats comfortable for the individual might not be best for the global society.

They may have to move.

And I don't mean to the ocean, I mean to less dense parts of our planet, spread it out a bit. They might have to make their living off the land, have to forgo certain luxuries, but its better than a constant stream of feces entering into our most valuable and fragile ecosystem.

Comment Re:I Understand the Isolationist PoV and I Reject (Score 1) 317

Arguably, you could say one of the primary reasons Russia was able to successfully defend against the Germans was the fact that the Germans beat themselves, independant of the americans. Combine the ill-planned 'Operation Barbarossa' with a tenacious, motivated, well-led enemy, the Germans really had no chance.

Some factors of the German defeat:

1. Germany sent in a field army, not completely comfortable in urban environments
2. Germany was ill-prepared, both men and equipment for the cold environment
3. Germany was fighting a multi-front war (the only relationship to the americans)
4. Too long of supply lines, later succeptible to air attack (sturmavik)

In conclusion, I won't take anything away from the american involvement in WW2, they did their part, but to attribute any part of the German defeat in the Russian campaign to the americans, would be, in my opinion, disingenious to the Russian people who fought and died to save their homeland. Not to mention revisionism.

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