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Comment preserving digial photos (Score 1) 622

To me, it is so obvious the doctored photo (bright, beautiful, shiny, crisp flag in background) is not the original, that this event is not a big deal. The photo feels like a public relations baseball card, with the poetic license normally granted for PR fluff. Still, to prevent arguments about manipulation, one way to preserve a file, such as a jpeg and its metadata, is to sign it with a voice signature. --Ben

Comment publication of privacy terms (Score 1) 63

A few months ago Google claimed it could impose its legal terms on the public just by publishing the terms. Maybe members of the public can impose their own terms of privacy protection on Google just by publishing those terms! A person might -- for example -- say in her published privacy terms that analytics engines cannot keep records of her activities longer than a week. --Ben My ideas are not legal advice for any particular situation, just fodder for public discussion.

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