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Comment Re:A juicy point from the article. (Score 2) 299

Speaking as someone who is using Charter internet to type this comment right now, their service is awful. It costs too much, the tech support and service people are crap, and it COSTS TOO MUCH. We could be getting DSL from the phone company for half of what we pay now, but their high-speed service area stops about a mile from our house. And we're definitely not going back to dial up. As soon as we can get internet from AT&T, we're ditching Charter's services and going to a dish. Charter isn't interested in "technical merits" or anything of the kind. They're merely interested in staying afloat.

Comment Absolutely (Score 2, Interesting) 215

My parents built a new house off the beaten path almost 4 years ago, and opted to go with geo-exchange because natural gas isn't available in their area. The system costs significantly more than a standard one, but heating and cooling costs are HALF of what they were at their old house, which was significantly smaller. According to some back-of-the-napkin numbers my dad crunched, they should hit the break-even point after less than 15 years of use.

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