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Comment Solar-powered? (Score 2, Interesting) 87

Did they use solar power to create the helium? Since the helium produces the lift, to be solar-powered it would also need to produce the helium. Running a couple of propellers isn't new. Check out the Helios aircraft from NASA for a true solar-powered aircraft. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/history/pastprojects/Helios/

Comment Too fat for first? (Score 1) 940

Since none of you have actually mentioned this. I don't believe that Mr Smith would be travelling in coach or business class. I am sure that he has enough money to travel first class. Now not being rich myself I can't say for sure that they get a seat that doesn't touch anybody else. Maybe the adverts on TV are lying and that first class is much the same a coach. Somehow I doubt it though. Hell maybe Mr Smith is tight and careful with his money and does travel coach. What do I know.

Comment Re:Whoa (Score 3, Funny) 194

Maybe they are like Gideons?

Do y'all have different books of the Bible than I do? Are y'all Gideons? Who are the ******' Gideons? Ever met one? NO! Ever seen one? NO! But they're all over the ******' world puttin' Bibles in hotel rooms. Every hotel room- "This Bible was placed here by a Gideon" When?! I been here all day. I ain't seen ****! I saw the housekeeper come and go. I saw the minibar guy come and go. I never laid eyes on a ******' Gideon. What are they- ninjas? Where are they? Where're they from? Gidea? What the **** are these people?

I'm gonna capture a Gideon. I'm gonna make that my hobby. I'm gonna call the front desk one day. "Yeah. I don't seem to have a Bible in my room."

God bless you Bill!

Comment Re:ban the man (Score 1) 307

This is common sense. The fact of the matter is that a huge percentage of computer users don't know what they are doing. Having access to P2P networks from government network is ridiculous. The question you have to ask is whether or not you would trust having sensitive material on the same machine as a end user downloading... whatever from P2P networks.

I for one am amazed that this has happened or that the systems administrators were incompetent enough to allow it to happen.

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