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Comment Re:Most reviews lob softballs, Not TheVerge. (Score 2) 195

I've been using Nokia Lumia 800 for some time now, and while some aspects of the product are very polished, my overall opinion is negative.

Sample problems:
- some tiles are animated, some not - pretty distracting experience.
- while the interface is responsive, you still need to do several taps and slides to get a result you can set a single tap under an Android or iPhone.
- 50k apps in the market if neither can do stuff I need.
- no Google apps I need - sorry, Nokia, your phone needs to be able to join existing ecosystem.
- battery - ye gods, hopefully those of you who purchase Nokia Lumia 900 do not experience the issues we have in EU with Nokia Lumia 800. In short, it's buggy, unpredictable, goes haywire in areas with worse coverage and generally tends to suddenly expire on you quickly. A show stopper.
- no easy way to access file system.
- display which simply fails in sunlight.
- limited customization.

Apart from battery issues, it's a fine phone, but compared to my HTC Desire with MildWild... it just does not come close. Yes, my HTC Desire may not perform as quick in 'Smoked' tests, but it does what I need, including playing Angry Birds for free.


Comment Re:Stopping is not the solution (Score 3, Informative) 140


Dude, we're not THAT conservative. Actually, given that we're part of the Old World, you'd probably hard pressed to find anyone but the most closed-minded people, who would care about who is sleeping with whom.
We have a party leader who's brought a dildo to press conference, we have another who is apparently married to a cat in everything but official capacity, and we've had a share of convicted criminals, low-level swindlers and so on. At the least we've avoided a Berlusconi-level con guy, though.


Comment ASUS EEE Pad Transformer owner here. (Score 1) 356

I'm a happy owner of ASUS EEE Pad Transformer 32 GB with keyboard dock. Let me make several points:
- no dock keyboard means painful typing experience whether you use iPad or any other on-screen keyboard tablet
- a colleague of mine tested Samsung Tab keyboard and found out Transformer's to be superior by a large margin, mostly due to responsiveness and stability
- the Prime version screen is of great quality, allowing you to work in brighter environments (you're still out of luck in bright daylight, of course)
- running time (with Keyboard) is at least 12 hours (more if you avoid flash and films or certain games)
- if you like to haul large PDF library, you need at least 32 GB version
- tablets, contrary to expectations are not easy on your wrists - keyboard dock stabilizes them and let's you comfortably work for a few hours straight
- supports most VPN standards decently

The key difference lies in applications installed - apart from decent Office suite (Polaris Office, compatible to certain degree with MS Office), you are strongly recommended to visit XDA Developers and peruse list of compatible applications. Personally I'd suggest:
- Astro File Manager with SMB share
- Hacker Keyboard for a free on-screen keyboard mimicking normal PC one
- ezPDF reader for handling more complex PDFs
- Jota text editor
- Beautiful Widgets to get nice forecasts


Comment Conspiracy theories aside... (Score 4, Insightful) 322

What software is actually affected? What phone models? What platforms? What applications?
If it's just AT&T and its victims, well, it's their own private little hell. Otherwise, some facts would be nice.

For now, (quoting from the article), phrase of "millions of Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones" smacks of cheap propaganda and scaremongering.


Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 538

That and make everyone integrate socially. Folks who used to chat informally with each other are more likely to help each other, as opposed to making a call to a distinctly alien entity in foreign country whose sole capability is limited to following faulty protocols.


PS. To me, outsourcing and cloud are not at odds with existence of local IT department. Relying on the former tends to produce huge technological inertia (IE6 throughout thousands of desktops, anyone?), relying too much on the latter may produce star syndrome and lead to hostage situations. Best way would be to tread carefully forward with responsibility in hands of competent management liaisons.
PS2. Based on personal experiences in several different international companies.

Comment Re:It's Linsux (Score 2) 266

There were _some_ improvements. In general, Unity is stable, fast and adjustable, but it lacks polish. Its size, inability to provide decent management for absolute paths (I have more favored applications than allowed by Unity default space, and I like them in groups, just fine) make for quite bad user experience, even with improved System Settings menu.
I wish I could access my little app park the same way I can do that with System Settings...

Anyway, there are fallback options, without Unity. They work fine and provide missing functionality.

In general, system feels a little faster than 10.10.


Comment Re:NO! (Score 1) 498


Or, if I really have to manage your private computer, you need to hand all your user access rights to me, including ALL administrative privileges. And agree for standard set of services preconfigured to comply with company regulations.


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