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Comment Re:Old news: Verizon (Score 1) 798

Considering the current state of affairs I agree with you completely.

When I got my ADSL package, I was "forced" into getting TV and a home phone number as well. Granted, the price was reasonable (as in it was a price I was willing to pay for my internet), but I couldn't opt out of the other two services. This is probably what we're going towards.

Comment Re:Old news: Verizon (Score 1) 798

I agree that opting people in so abruptly is a bit much, but if the "default" for them is a data-inclusive plan that 99% of people take, and its an actual logistical effort for them, then there's nothing inherently evil about not offering an opt-out. I can't ask for my phone to not receive SMS (maybe I can?)

I doubt that it's the case here though.

Comment Re:Doom and gloom, except when it isn't (Score 1) 665

Except we could reach a critical point where the market has expectations about music being "free" (ad supported or whatever) , and the revenue stream isn't interesting enough for a small number of plays, because people won't pay for CDs, not necessarily because they don't have the will, but because it's come out of the social norm. You end up getting providers who are only willing to push out things for the biggest audience possible, even if it might not be the greatest quality.

It's like when you think about HBO, where people pay a monthly fee to watch. They don't have to pander to the largest audience because they have already secured a nice enough revenue stream.They can care about ... well maybe about pandering to their current audience , but they can afford to try and do their own thing. Compare that to broadcast networks that have to constantly cancel things because if they don't get humongous ratings, it's simply not affordable for them to produce.

There was some article a while back about the same thing happening in app stores. Because of the existence of free apps, people's willingness to pay is greatly lowered, and you end up getting worse quality software across the board ( a couple steps are in between mind you).

So in some "broadcast" world, everyone ends up in a worse situation. The quality is worse, and the smaller artists do even worse. The reason free markets don't magically fix things is that free market theory is based around people being perfectly informed , capable of thinking "rationally", and there being a good amount of providers. That isn't happening.

Granted I've made the assumption that the general trend is towards ad-supported free networks. We might be heading more to a subscription based model, since it seems people are becoming more and more willing to pay for good things in the digital space.

Comment Re:We have the same... (Score 1) 689

The previous government about a year and a half ago published a memo pretty much saying that foreign students should be given a hard time if they express interest in staying to work after their studies.

This was published, completely unwarranted by the government. Granted Gueant isn't known for his openness, but still, literally no-one was asking for this.

French unis and grandes écoles want foreign students, french companies are more than willing to hire foreign students (when they're highly skilled and seem to be willing to work hard). Like I said, no one asked for this.

Comment Re:You can do this in Java already? (Score 2) 149

I think you underestimate the quality of javascript (which is not the worst thing you could use as a scripting language, def better than using java of all things), and overestimate the role of Java in the "slowness" of the game. Just because the graphics look like they're from quake 2 doesn't mean that's all there is to it.

take Dwarf Fotress and try to play it on a P3. You might think it's running normally because it's hard to gauge speed in a text-based interface but... it's running really slowly. World simulation is computation heavy(probably a lot of cache issues too), no matter what way you cut it. Fun anecdote: my first experiences with DF were on a Pentium 3, and I played it like that for maybe a month before trying it on a fast computer. Boy was I in for a ride.

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