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Comment actors across series (Score 5, Interesting) 276

I've often noticed that if an actor played a speaking character in one scifi series, while looking mostly humanish, any other series they are in they have a pretty concealing costume. For Instance Mr Katsulas played a rather humanish Tomalok on Startrek, whereas his G'Kar had a pretty intense costume.

Is this done intentionally, or just coincidence?

Comment Re:Keyword; simulated (Score 2) 68

Good distinctions, but a point of clarification. Worms are self contained and target Systems (OSs, embedded devices of particular make, etc). They contain all the code necessary to spread from system to system using whatever media they are designed for. Viruses target applications with communciations capabilities. A spam virus for instance generally targets an email client for instance. the virus requires the vulnerable application to transmit itself from vulnerable system to vulnerable system however; that code is not contained in the virus. Viruses do not require human interaction as a rule (some do, some don't). Automatic application updates and hardened code on the few types of applications capable of supporting a virus, have largely made them extinct. Trojans DO require human intervention, but are the most flexible. Worms and Viruses are peer-to-peer only, whereas Trojans are client-server. For instance Drive By Download attacks from malicious web sites are now the infection-vector of choice these days, because it requires as little human interaction as possible. The malware described here, would be a worm, because it is spreading of its own accord, and does not target a specific communications application.

Comment resume 2005 levels (Score 1) 564

in 2004, most people didn't need a PC, and one unit would service 5 or more people. then there came facebook and services like it, and with it, PC sales soared. people only used them to consume content however, so for the most part, a general purpose PC was more machine than they needed.

Now that we have Smartphones, and tablets, and internet connected TVs, and all manner of other cheap devices for consumption, only the content creators need full PCs.

The desktop isn't going away, but the inflated market must shrink back to its previous levels before the sales numbers will stop falling.

Comment Re:How about warrants with probable cause? (Score 2) 509

No, they are claiming that they use statistical methods to attempt to exclude american citizens, but expect to collect their data anyway. additionally they implement policies that make american citizens fair game if there is any associational link to a foreign national with less than 3 degrees of seperation. this standard includes the vast majority of the american people. Programs XKeyScore and Nebulus (the program that notices when you say 'bomb' on the phone) can't establish the nationality of the parties even if they wanted to.

the biggest issue however, is that NSA analysts have been giving the data to domestic law enforcement agencies with no warrent, and that data is being introduced in non-terror prosecutions of american citizens, per the last batch of data that DNI released (declassified FISC findings).

When a power is used for specific elevated conditions for a period of time, law enforcement and the judicary become comfortable with it, and over time, the bar to use those elevated powers lowers. For instance, in London, after installing hundreds of CCTV cameras, which had no impact on serious crime, local town councils started using these terror-justified feeds to start prosecuting locals for not picking up after their dogs.

Allowing this program to continue, gaurentees that the liberties I knew as a child will be gone forever.

Comment Freedom isn't free (Score 5, Insightful) 509

The cost of freedom is that you must acknowledge that you must remain vulnerable to attack. Otherwise you destroy the freedom you are supposedly trying to protect.

In this case, that the job exists at all is the problem. That makes the solution simple and elegant. The only remaining issue, is accepting that everytime somthing bad happens, we are necessarilly limited in our ability prevent it.

The government cannot ever make me safe. all they can do is protect my liberties, and over the last 12 years they have been doing a piss-poor job of it.

Comment Re:Quality vs quantity (Score 1) 196

Quite true. additionally our economy can only support so many super-profitable acts. There could only be one Elvis, and at the time there were only a handful of popular/profitable musical groups. Now they try to manufacture a thousand Elvis's, but don't want to subdivide the pie. You can have one king, or you can have dozens of dukes, but you can't have both, and you certainly can't have thousands of different acts and still expect any of them to make decent money.

Comment Very differant experience (Score 3, Interesting) 543

The author and I have had a almost oppositionally different experience with the platforms I've had. Visual studio, for all its flaws, feels smooth and solid, with prompt code assistance features and a generally good approach to code organization. It has its share of issues, but it seems to be clearer and more directed.

Eclipse however just feels generally clunky. I pause for 20+ seconds just to get code completion prompting to come up in python or java, and half the time its in the wrong context. the perspectives is also really annoying. everytime I go to debug, it halts everything to tell me it wants to switch, and then gives me a 2inch high window for viewing the code, anchoring is weak, and it always seems like I never get back the space I should when I dock a sub-window. Personally I really don't care how extensible my IDE is. any given ide is not going to be able to support all langagues and technologies, so why try to shoehorn it in?

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