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Comment Re:Porn and hamburgers (Score 1) 512

But does this apply to persons only? I hope we'd finally get to know the truth about McDonalds hamburgers. Or can we count them as persons?

Pictures of burgers are representative of the type of burger you can expect, you do not expect the exact burger that is in the photo otherwise they would have to take a lot of photos!

Good for the French anyway, this can only be a positive thing.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 408

Can you beat Google's uptime? I doubt it. Sure, it's not impossible, but you won't be doing it for less than $50/user?

Exactly, I challenge anybody on here to claim that they have achieved better uptime than Gmail, since 2004, with their corporate mail service. Don't forget that planned maintanence counts for downtime.

Comment Re:"Teach a man to fish" (Score 3, Insightful) 926

In terms of a CIO he just wants to eat, he doesn't care if it's fish, burgers or bread. The FSF completely miss the point here, sending what amounts to basically a hate letter to fortune 500 companies is really damaging to free software, it makes FSF look like lunatics which as a knock on effect makes things more difficult for the sales teams of people like Novell and RedHat. If you they are going to send deranged letters at least send a positive message with a clear and honest comparison of the benefits of both open and proprietary software. I wish we could make this windows7sins website go away.

Comment Re:Weird... (Score 1) 310

I was trying to think of some sensible tests to compare the search.

When I search for "times" Google returns first and Bing returns:

The results are obviously tailored to my location (Switzerland) but I would expect to have to enter a more specific search for a more obscure / niche website.

A search for "beeb" returns the BBC first in Google whereas Bing returns a Swedish furniture store as number 1.

I'll try Bing for a week but it seems to me Google still has the better search.

Comment Re:Now If We Could Just Get ... (Score 1) 485

They may not have the fancy drivers needed to get the optimal performance out of some of the video cards, but they work well enough to get you going until (and unless) you decide to install it.

No fancy drivers in Linux vs. fancy drivers in Windows just isn't good enough though. As a hardware company Dell can simply ask their suppliers to provide Linux drivers, I doubt lack of hardware support is a reason for Dell deciding against a Linux option throughout their range.

Comment Re:IT is a customer service group (Score 1) 576

Well then they'll have to turn the damn thing on theirselves, wasting all of 2 minutes.

This is a greater problem than you think. Our policy is that we have to turn off out laptops every evening, it takes 10-15 minutes for my laptop to boot and have Outlook up and running in the morning, this is due to the various crapware it must run in our environment. The newest laptops where I work still take over 5 minutes to boot. Even with the newer laptops that means that in any year employees are loosing half a working week every year waiting for computers to become usable, I seriously doubt any of the IT guys where I work earn less in half a week than the additional electricity costs required to keep their PC running 24x7.

Comment Re:And will be unavailable anyplace else.... (Score 1) 571

4) Your car requires you to have a drivers license to drive, annual inspections/emissions. To make sure you have at least some cursory knowledge of the road rules, and to make sure your car's tail-pipe won't fal off in mid drive. India does not have this.

Not so:
I suspect 2) and 3) are inaccurate too.

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