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Comment Power Law? (Score 0) 397

FYI: Power laws means square of the distance

60W at 2m > ? at 5m.

Well, 5/2 = 2.5 distance

60*2.5*2.5 = 375

So 375W at 5m is what the article should *really* be comparing the new system to. A two-fold increase isn't as exciting at a ten-fold, though, is it?

Comment Silver Lining (Score 3, Insightful) 29

Looking back, one thing that scientists wish they had is the imaging technology of the 90's...or even now.....back when they first launched Voyager in the 70's. Heck, computers too.

Now I'm NOT playing the "what if" game, but it helps keep our chins up when things look down.

They now have 2 years to make it better, faster, more efficient, etc.

Except cheaper. Too late lol.


Submission + - Mapping Software (

Prysorra writes: Ever wondered how Rand McNally draws those nice and neat road maps? Well I just found a site where a guy painstakingly made his own amazing, fictional, road maps. Can the Slashdot horde put it's collective mind together and find some sort of program to do that? There has got to be something — I want to make my own, but using MS Paint is just mind numbing!
The Internet

Virtual Earth Exposes Nuclear Sub's Secret 355

NewsCloud alerts us to a story a few months old that has been getting a lot of play recently. A Seattle blogger, Dan Twohig, was browsing in Microsoft's Virtual Earth when he accidentally came across a photo of a nuclear sub in dry-dock. Its propeller is clearly visible — this was a major no-no on the part of someone at the Bangor Sub Base. The designs of such stealth propellers have been secret for decades. Twohig blogged about the find and linked to the Virtual Earth photo on July 2. The debate about security vs. Net-accessible aerial photography has been building ever since. The story was picked up on on Aug. 17 — poetic justice for the Chinese sub photo that had embarrassed them a month before. On Aug. 20 the Navy Times published the article that most mainstream media have picked up in their more recent coverage. Twohig's blog is the best source to follow the ongoing debate. No one has asked Microsoft, Google, or anyone else to blur the photo in question. Kind of late now.
United States

Journal Journal: Senate Democrats: Stupid, or Dishonest? 1

Led by Dick Durbin, the Senate Democrats want to cut funding to the VP's office until Cheney complies with an executive order that, by definition, cannot possibly apply to Cheney.

Feed Science Daily: 'Less Is More' Online: Fewer Choices May Lead To Better Recognition Of Material (

Researchers have found that less is more when it comes to online content. In a study that examined responses to pictures viewed online, the researchers found that people were able to pay more attention to pictures selected from a small array of choices than from a large array of choices. These findings may have implications for Internet search engines, advertising and news sites.

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