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Comment Re:from the skool of bad journalism :) (Score 1) 57

And if there really was some kind of two-timing going on, the writer obviously did not have the sense to mention it in TFA for us. What joy in incompetence, yeah!?

Excerpts from the article ...

"After a couple of interviews, Gonzalez agreed to help the government so he could avoid prosecution ... After aiding another investigation, he became a paid informant in the Secret Service field office in Miami in early 2006. Agent Michael was transferred to Miami, and he worked with Gonzalez on a series of investigations on which Gonzalez did such a good job that the agency asked him to speak at seminars and conferences ... As far as the agency knew, that’s all he was doing. “It seemed he was trying to do the right thing,” Agent Michael said... He wasn’t. Over the course of several years, during much of which he worked for the government, Gonzalez and his crew of hackers and other affiliates gained access to roughly 180 million payment-card accounts from the customer databases of some of the most well known corporations in America ..."

The two-timing is spelled out in just over the first page.

Comment Re:tags are correct (Score 1) 355

...fellow academicians from the same field.

Maybe you should improve your own command of the English language before blasting others about their writing skills...

1. An academic.
2. A member of an art, literary, or scientific academy or society.

I completely fail to see your point. Is it that academians would be more common? Or would you prefer academics? Since your familiar with English, you know that it's rife with synonyms, and that it different English regions spellings and word preferences can and do differ.

Comment Re:I can't freakin' wait, man. (Score 1) 183

I can't even begin to describe how much I hate Mass Effect 2's PC-as-a-second-thought interface. Mind you, the game is awesome, the scope is epic, the story is fantastic, the sound and visuals are breathtaking and the characters are all "real" but the console-like controls drive me nuts.

The ME2 interface annoyed the crap out of me on the PC. I picked up Xpadder (http://www.xpadder.com/, $10) and plugged in a controller, which took a lot of the sting out it. I find the console style interface easier to live with - or at least less irritating - while using a console controller, and the keyboard and mouse were handy when I wanted them, too.

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