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Comment It wasn't a "power failure"... (Score 1) 167

Obviously more fact checking is needed.

And yes, the system is designed to be able to launch even if an attack (or something else) has damaged part of the system. You know, like "the Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it"?

It's called "redundancy". Would you want a weapon system that is disabled by any damage that might occur? Like in a war?

Comment Re:o rly? (Score 1) 571

Too bad you can't use disappearing ink for grocers' apostrophes. :-)

And yes, the press has been in the tank for Obama and the Dems all along.

I'll be quite happy to replace my Congresscritters, and perhaps have a shot at it now that the electorate is no longer quite so hypnotized. But quite a lot of damage has been done; a lot or repealing needs to happen.

Comment Re:Interesting strategy. (Score 1) 716

Isn't "there is no alternative platform" what people used to say about Windows? And before that it was IBM mainframes...

You may think the "wild west" of Android Market is a nightmare, but the level of control AAPL applies to App Store is exactly what screwed you
. So you do have a choice...(unless you just want somebody to make sure your app stays in and your competition is kept out).

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