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Comment Kickstarer Is The Biggest Scam On The Planet.... (Score 0) 112

LOL, Kickstarter is the biggest scam on the planet. So I give them money to develop a product. *I* take the *risk* and they reap all of the reward. If I am going to invest into an idea, it will be for equity in that idea, not a free ride for someone else to possibly make millions..

Comment And? (Score -1) 967

Who know the earths climate changes over time. If you look at the graphs ( you can see that the warming period skyrocketed in the 1970s yet didn't during the industrial revolution. What is at dispute is the *cause* of the temperature fluctuations. Some believe that it is simply the earths natural cycles while others (usually those who have a financial interest) believe that it is caused 100% by man.

Comment PC Pro..... (Score -1) 666

The average consumer isn't a reader of PC Pro. If glossy screens weren't focus group tested they would't be sold. I would suspect that there is a loud minority that wants matte screens while the majority either doesn't care or wants glossy. Remember, "pro" users and nerds are not the majority that are a very small minority.

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