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Comment Re:Standardization is not the the problem (Score 1) 278

Yes, the education by zip code thing is just so wrong.

I would guess that 15% of the market value of my home is based on the reputation of the high school for the zip code.

On a positive note, things have improved across the County. Residents now speak of a group of 'really good' high schools. 20 years ago it was 'the one' and 'the others.' And it is a case of others improving, not the top one falling.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

MAC addresses have become very fuzzy.

I know it makes me a horrible person, but I have been picking my own MAC addresses since the days of steam powered ethernet, wire-wrap prototypes, and ceramic EPROMS with windows.

In the prototype stage, it is just so damn convenient to have a number of boards with the same address.

When the entire network is within no more than a workbench long, it is not a problem and can speed things up,

With the technical and financial barrier to creating something that can connect to the net dropping all the time, hacking stuff, the rise in the IoT, and things like the Raspberry Pi being a part education at almost every technical level it is no longer that difficult to find a network with 2 devices using the same MAC address. Especially true in an educational environment, amazing but true, some people get bored and intentionally hijack a MAC from a fellow student for amusement.

I do not worry about someone spoofing a MAC address to use my wifi connection, but I also do not trust that any MAC address is really unique. The odds are long, but it is almost trivial to accomplish.

Comment Re:National Geographic magazine lost all credibili (Score 1) 286

Alton Brown tarting up and then reducing things to bites. I see what you did there.

Confusing mythbusters with science makes me crazy. A sample size of 1 is almost useless. For some things: 'Can you X with Y ?' where the answer is Yes, can be acceptable. But it can not be reasoned that the opposite is also true.

But I guess the legal and liability issues involved with answering " Can you kill someone with/by ....", a couple of times a week would be difficult to surmount.

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