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Comment The stents do actually work (Score 2) 273

As someone who suffered a heart attack in 2014 at the age of 45 due to clogged arterys and subsequently suffered 6 cardiac arrests on the way to and in the hospital (I still have the paddle burns to prove it) I can confirm that so far the stent they had to fit to allow my heart to continue working does appear to be doing its job. I was informed at the time that the main contributor to the artery clogging was smoking so I gave up there and then. As much as everyone would love to have a diet that required no excercise to keep healthy I think that is only available in a coma or stasis, the rest of us really need to think about what we eat and excersise enough to burn it off and stay fit. Stop being told what to and what not to eat and simply use a little common sense.... oh and stop smoking, it really is pointless.

Comment Finally (Score 2) 171

The horses seem to have made a breakthrough where the Dolphins and Chimps have all but thrown in the towel. Humans are finally realising the rest of the planet has been happily communicating for years. The 60's documentary about our species interpreter Dr Dolittle should never have been dismissed so quickly as a conspiricy theory.

Comment Got to love beancounters (Score -1, Troll) 126

" Nine European countries had reported malaria cases, but agreed to focus their efforts on a full elimination of the mosquito-borne disease" Nine European countries had reported malaria cases, but agreed to retract those reports to pretend Europe was malaria free and give themselves a big pat on the back and thumb their nose at others. FTFY

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