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Monday December 05, 2016 @10:05PM Fake News Prompts Gunman To 'Self-Investigate' Pizza Parlor
Tuesday April 26, 2016 @06:13PM 2016 Hugo Awards Shortlist Dominated By Rightwing Campaign
Sunday January 11, 2015 @10:32AM Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science
Friday September 26, 2014 @10:08AM Physicists Find Clue as To Why the DNA Double Helix Twists To the Right
Sunday January 19, 2014 @09:54PM In Greece, 10 Months In Prison For "Blasphemous" Facebook Page
Monday June 03, 2013 @12:51PM SCOTUS Says DNA Collection Permissible After Arrest
Monday April 15, 2013 @03:41PM Explosions at the Boston Marathon
Monday May 07, 2012 @10:21AM Aussie Politician Threatens To Contact Employers of Satirical Article "Likers"
Saturday February 25, 2012 @05:47PM Canada's Conservatives Misled Voters With Massive Robocall Operation
Thursday August 11, 2011 @03:11AM Right-Wing German Extremists Tricked By Trojan Shirts
Wednesday July 27, 2011 @03:41AM Canadian Government Muzzling Scientists
Wednesday November 10, 2010 @02:17PM Critics Call For Probe Into Google Government Ties
Tuesday October 19, 2010 @09:12AM Scientists Fight Back In Canada
Wednesday July 21, 2010 @02:02PM Onion Story Gets Blown Out of Proportion
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @12:44PM "Canadian DMCA" Rising From the Dead
Wednesday April 14, 2010 @12:40AM Congressman Demands Parody Website Investigation
Saturday October 24, 2009 @10:02AM When Libertarians Attack Free Software
Sunday July 12, 2009 @03:09AM British Men Jailed For Online Hate Crimes
Wednesday July 09, 2008 @02:31PM Nancy Pelosi vs. the Internet
Tuesday June 20, 2006 @05:21PM Net Neutrality, Schlocky Salesmen vs Monopolist Plumbers
Wednesday May 03, 2006 @06:22PM Internet Gains Ground As Trusted News Source
Wednesday April 12, 2006 @04:39PM Global Warming Dissenters Suppressed?