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Friday February 16, 2018 @12:01PM Intel Hit With More Than 30 Lawsuits Over Security Flaws
Saturday February 03, 2018 @11:05PM Malware Exploiting Spectre, Meltdown CPU Flaws Emerges
Monday January 29, 2018 @12:20AM Intel Told Chinese Firms of Meltdown Flaws Before the US Government
Tuesday January 23, 2018 @04:54PM Apple Releases Meltdown and Spectre Fixes For Older Versions of MacOS
Monday January 22, 2018 @02:15PM Intel Urges OEMs and End Users To Stop Deploying Spectre Patch As It May 'Introduce Higher Than Expected Reboots'
Thursday January 18, 2018 @02:05PM Microsoft Resumes Meltdown and Spectre Updates for AMD Devices
Tuesday January 16, 2018 @05:49PM Many Enterprise Mobile Devices Will Never Be Patched Against Meltdown, Spectre
Tuesday January 16, 2018 @01:53PM Now Meltdown Patches Are Making Industrial Control Systems Lurch
Friday January 12, 2018 @12:53AM AMD Is Releasing Spectre Firmware Updates To Fix CPU Vulnerabilities
Wednesday January 10, 2018 @11:34AM Meltdown and Spectre Patches Bricking Ubuntu 16.04 Computers
Tuesday January 09, 2018 @12:59PM Microsoft Details Performance Impact of Spectre and Meltdown Mitigations on Windows Systems
Tuesday January 09, 2018 @09:45AM Microsoft Pauses Rollout of Spectre and Meltdown Patches To AMD Systems
Tuesday January 09, 2018 @08:57AM Microsoft Says No More Windows Security Updates Unless AVs Set a Registry Key
Monday January 08, 2018 @12:33AM OpenBSD's De Raadt Pans 'Incredibly Bad' Disclsoure of Intel CPU Bug
Friday January 05, 2018 @03:51PM Eben Upton Explains Why Raspberry Pi Isn't Vulnerable To Spectre Or Meltdown
Friday February 10, 2017 @07:56PM Excessive Radiation Inside Fukushima Fries Clean-Up Robot
Thursday September 08, 2011 @07:58AM Fukushima and Chernobyl Side-by-Side
Wednesday December 10, 2008 @12:54AM USPS Server Meltdown