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Friday February 16, 2018 @05:44PM Would You Fear Alien Life or Welcome It?
Tuesday February 06, 2018 @10:15AM The Arctic is Full of Toxic Mercury, and Climate Change is Going To Release it
Thursday January 11, 2018 @04:37PM Ice Cliffs Spotted On Mars
Monday December 18, 2017 @07:52PM Scientists Confirm There Was Life On Earth 3.5 Billion Years Ago
Thursday November 30, 2017 @08:45AM Bacteria Found On ISS May Be Alien In Origin, Says Cosmonaut
Wednesday November 22, 2017 @04:36PM Flowing Water On Mars' Surface May Just Be Rolling Sand Instead
Wednesday November 15, 2017 @08:29PM Astronomers Find An Earth-Size World Just 11 Light Years Away
Wednesday November 01, 2017 @06:06PM The Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Plunged Earth Into Catastrophic Winter
Wednesday October 04, 2017 @03:39PM Expert Says You're Deluding Yourself If You Think You're Productive On Six Hours of Sleep
Thursday September 28, 2017 @02:01PM 'Lost Continent' Rises Again With New Expedition
Wednesday September 20, 2017 @03:14PM Mathematical Formula Predicts Global Mass Extinction Event in 2100
Wednesday September 13, 2017 @04:09PM Climate Change Could Wipe Out a Third of Parasite Species, Study Finds
Wednesday August 09, 2017 @03:38PM Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions
Wednesday July 26, 2017 @03:15PM Stem Cell Brain Implants Could 'Slow Aging and Extend Life,' Study Shows
Wednesday July 12, 2017 @04:28PM Era of 'Biological Annihilation' Is Underway, Scientists Warn
Friday July 07, 2017 @03:06PM Ask Slashdot: Are We Living In the Golden Age of Bailing?
Friday June 30, 2017 @05:39PM 'You're Doing Your Weekend Wrong'
Monday June 26, 2017 @02:38PM Sorry, But Anonymous Has No Evidence That NASA Has Found Alien Life
Monday June 19, 2017 @02:28PM NASA Finds Evidence Of 10 New Earth-sized Planets
Friday June 09, 2017 @12:30PM The Hidden Ways That Architecture Affects How You Feel
Tuesday June 06, 2017 @03:35PM At $75,560, Housing a Prisoner in California Now Costs More Than a Year at Harvard
Friday May 26, 2017 @03:48AM Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in His Harvard Commencement Speech
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @01:26PM At Google, an Employee-Run Email List Tracks Harassment and Bias Complaints
Friday May 19, 2017 @04:47PM Chemists May Be Zeroing In On Chemical Reactions That Sparked the First Life
Thursday May 18, 2017 @03:02PM Climate Change is Turning Antarctica Green, Say Researchers
Thursday May 18, 2017 @02:54PM A Quarter of IT Pros Find Their Job Very Stressful
Monday May 08, 2017 @03:38PM US Life Expectancy Can Vary By 20 Years Depending On Where You Live
Monday May 01, 2017 @09:28AM 'There's No Good Way To Kill a Bad Idea'
Wednesday April 26, 2017 @08:46AM Suicide of an Uber Engineer: Widow Blames Job Stress
Tuesday April 25, 2017 @12:35PM In Costly Bay Area, Even Six-Figure Salaries Are Considered 'Low Income'
Monday April 24, 2017 @01:58PM Ontario Launches Universal Basic Income Pilot
Friday April 21, 2017 @01:37PM Ocean Currents Are Sweeping Billions of Tiny Plastic Bits to the Arctic
Tuesday April 18, 2017 @10:59AM Despite Well Known Risks, Survey Finds Most People Use Smartphones While Driving
Thursday April 13, 2017 @02:57PM Nearby Ocean Worlds Could Be Best Bet For Life Beyond Earth, Says NASA
Wednesday April 05, 2017 @06:59PM NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Begins Its Final Mission Before Plunging Into Saturn
Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:13PM More Than a Hoodie: How We Talk About Developers
Tuesday April 04, 2017 @08:51AM Teenagers Think Google is Cool, Study By Google Finds
Friday March 31, 2017 @11:12PM Fear of Robots Taking Jobs in the Short Term is Overblown, Says General Electric CEO
Wednesday March 29, 2017 @03:07PM More Than Ever, Employees Want a Say in How Their Companies Are Run
Thursday March 23, 2017 @08:16AM The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death
Wednesday March 22, 2017 @01:15PM 'Extreme and Unusual' Climate Trends Continue After Record 2016
Monday March 20, 2017 @10:15AM Happiness is on the Wane in the US, UN Global Report Finds
Tuesday March 14, 2017 @10:55PM Parenthood Can Help You Live Longer In Older Age, Research Suggests
Monday March 13, 2017 @02:18PM It's About Time Astronauts Got Healthcare For Life
Wednesday March 08, 2017 @08:16PM Study Suggests Potatoes Can Grow On Mars
Monday March 06, 2017 @10:45AM Pollution Responsible For a Quarter of Deaths of Young Children, Says WHO
Thursday March 02, 2017 @02:44PM NASA's Scott Kelly Shares What He Discovered After a Year In Space
Monday February 27, 2017 @02:07PM Scraping By On Six Figures? Tech Workers Feel Poor in Silicon Valley's Wealth Bubble
Monday February 27, 2017 @10:05AM Supersmart Robots Will Outnumber Humans Within 30 Years, Says SoftBank CEO
Thursday February 23, 2017 @08:42PM Life Expectancy Set To Hit 90 In South Korea, Study Predicts
Thursday February 23, 2017 @09:31AM Most Scientists 'Can't Replicate Studies By Their Peers'
Wednesday February 22, 2017 @01:21PM Thrilling Discovery of Seven Earth-Sized Planets Orbiting Nearby Star
Wednesday February 22, 2017 @10:20AM Tinder Wants AI To Set You Up On a Date
Tuesday February 21, 2017 @02:58PM Health Apps Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good, Warn Scientists
Tuesday February 21, 2017 @02:30PM Computer Glasses Claim To Protect Eyesight Are Selling Like Hotcakes, But They Probably Aren't Useful
Tuesday February 21, 2017 @09:24AM China's Millennials Are Hustling For Part-Time Gigs Instead of Traditional Jobs
Wednesday February 15, 2017 @02:38PM Lost Winston Churchill Essay Reveals His Thoughts On Alien Life
Monday February 13, 2017 @03:35PM Ending Emails With Certain Variation Of Thank You Vastly Improves Response Rate, Study Finds
Monday February 13, 2017 @12:50PM Nobody Is Moving, Especially Millennials
Friday February 10, 2017 @08:37AM How Tech Ate the Media and Our Minds
Tuesday February 07, 2017 @12:50PM Slashdot Asks: Your Favorite Podcasts? And Why?
Friday February 03, 2017 @09:50AM 'To Live Your Best Life, Do Mathematics'
Friday February 03, 2017 @09:06AM False News, Absurd Reality Present Challenges For Satirists
Friday January 27, 2017 @03:10PM Apple Patents a Vaporizer
Thursday January 26, 2017 @04:27PM First Human-Pig 'Chimera' Created in Milestone Study
Thursday January 26, 2017 @12:04PM The Doomsday Clock Is Reset: Closest To Midnight Since The 1950s
Monday January 23, 2017 @10:31AM When Their Shifts End, Uber Drivers Set Up Camp in Parking Lots Across the US
Thursday January 19, 2017 @06:49AM Sitting Too Much Ages You By 8 Years
Monday January 16, 2017 @09:28AM Deutsche Bank Switches Off Text Messaging
Friday January 13, 2017 @09:57AM Half the Work People Do Can Be Automated, Says McKinsey
Wednesday January 11, 2017 @03:16PM New Research Suggests the Appendix Has a Purpose After All
Wednesday January 11, 2017 @08:06AM Amazon Now Gives Away 5,000 Bananas a Day
Friday January 06, 2017 @01:01PM Fewer People Are Dying of Cancer Than Ever Before
Monday January 02, 2017 @07:16PM China Smog: Millions Start New Year Shrouded By Health Alerts and Travel Chaos
Thursday December 29, 2016 @02:14PM Google Mobile Search Shows Recipe Suggestions When You Look For Food
Tuesday December 27, 2016 @08:17AM Humans Marrying Robots? Experts Say It's Really Coming
Friday December 23, 2016 @01:49PM Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection, Could Be Readily Available By 2018
Monday December 12, 2016 @10:57AM If You Get Rich, You Won't Quit Working For Long
Friday December 09, 2016 @03:15PM Uber Is Treating Its Drivers As Sweated Labor, Says Report
Thursday December 08, 2016 @03:42PM US Life Expectancy Declines For the First Time Since 1993
Thursday December 08, 2016 @02:36PM First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber
Wednesday December 07, 2016 @01:42PM Information Overload No Problem For Most Americans: Survey
Saturday December 03, 2016 @12:46PM Alien Life Could Thrive In the Clouds of Failed Stars
Friday December 02, 2016 @02:37PM Climate Change Will Stir 'Unimaginable' Refugee Crisis, Says Military
Tuesday November 29, 2016 @09:25AM Amazon Worker Jumps Off Company Building After Email Note
Monday November 28, 2016 @06:47PM Great Barrier Reef Has Worst Coral Die-Off Ever, Report Finds
Friday November 18, 2016 @03:27PM Internet of Things Set To Change the Face of Dementia Care
Friday November 18, 2016 @10:32AM Terminally Ill Teen Won Historic Ruling To Preserve Body
Thursday November 17, 2016 @11:42AM Stephen Hawking: We Might Have 1,000 Years Left on Earth
Tuesday November 15, 2016 @03:52PM 2016 Will Be the Hottest Year On Record, UN Says
Friday November 11, 2016 @05:00PM Earth's Plants Are Countering Some of the Effects of Climate Change
Tuesday November 08, 2016 @08:54AM US President Barack Obama Criticizes Facebook of Spreading Fake Stories
Monday November 07, 2016 @02:41PM India's New Delhi Now Most Polluted City on Earth, Air Quality Well Beyond 'Hazardous' Level
Friday November 04, 2016 @09:16AM Paris Climate Change Agreement Enters Into Force
Wednesday November 02, 2016 @03:37PM World's Largest Space Telescope Is Complete, Expected To Launch In 2018
Monday October 31, 2016 @07:29PM People Who Use Facebook Live Longer, Study Finds
Monday October 31, 2016 @11:59AM Where Does Jeff Bezos Foresee Putting Space Colonists? Inside O'Neill Cylinders
Friday October 28, 2016 @03:25PM Let Researchers Try New Paths
Friday October 28, 2016 @09:44AM Seoul Considers Messaging Ban After Work Hours
Friday October 28, 2016 @08:59AM Red Cross Blood Service Admits To Personal Data Breach Affecting Half a Million Donors
Thursday October 27, 2016 @09:04AM World Wildlife Falls By 58% in 40 years
Wednesday October 26, 2016 @02:28PM Noisy Coworkers And Other Sounds Are Top Distraction in Workplace, Study Says
Tuesday October 25, 2016 @05:52AM Global CO2 Concentration Passes Threshold of 400 ppm -- and That's Bad for the Climate
Monday October 24, 2016 @02:45PM Harvard Researchers Print World's First Heart-On-A-Chip
Wednesday October 19, 2016 @10:59AM LinkedIn Promises To Bring Order and Meaning To Your Useless Endorsements
Monday October 17, 2016 @04:21PM Venus May Have Been the First Habitable Planet In Our Solar System, Study Suggests
Friday October 14, 2016 @11:58AM Images Show Further Damage To Great Barrier Reef, But Scientists Assure It's Not Dead
Thursday October 13, 2016 @02:09PM Inventor of C Dennis Ritchie Honored With Second Death
Thursday October 13, 2016 @09:45AM Soylent Halts Sale of Bars; Investigation Into Illnesses Continues
Wednesday October 05, 2016 @04:54PM New Study Suggests There's a Limit To How Long People Can Live
Wednesday October 05, 2016 @03:29PM There's Even More Evidence That Fitness Trackers Don't Work
Tuesday October 04, 2016 @06:39PM 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' Far Bigger Than Imagined, Aerial Survey Shows
Friday September 30, 2016 @10:23AM Author Says Going Offline For 24 Hours a Week Has Significantly Improved His Health, Sanity and Happiness
Tuesday September 06, 2016 @08:59AM Toxic Air Pollution Particles Found In Human Brains
Thursday September 01, 2016 @03:15PM World's Oldest Fossils Found In Greenland
Monday August 29, 2016 @04:08PM SETI Has Observed a 'Strong' Signal That May Originate From a Sun-like Star
Tuesday August 16, 2016 @08:07AM Too Many New Smartphone Models Released Each Year: Survey
Saturday August 13, 2016 @11:18AM Maybe There's No Life in Space Because We're Too Early
Thursday August 11, 2016 @04:42PM A Bit of Cash Can Keep Someone Off the Streets For 2 Years or More
Tuesday August 09, 2016 @01:41PM Earth's Resources Used Up at Quickest Rate Ever in 2016
Tuesday August 02, 2016 @01:43PM Bar In UK Uses Faraday Cage To Block Mobile Phone Signals
Thursday July 21, 2016 @07:18PM Large Source Of Hydrogen Gas May Lie Near Slow-Spreading Tectonic Plates Under The Ocean
Monday July 18, 2016 @07:05PM Kepler Confirms 100+ New Exoplanets
Monday July 11, 2016 @12:13PM Hamilton Producer Jeffrey Seller: Live Theater Is the Antidote To Digital Overload
Wednesday June 15, 2016 @03:02PM Alien Contact Unlikely For Another 1,500 Years, Says Study
Tuesday June 14, 2016 @04:06PM Asymmetric Molecule, Key To Life, Detected In Space For First Time
Monday June 13, 2016 @03:21PM Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years, Gets Fired, Realizes He Has Forgotten How To Code
Wednesday June 08, 2016 @05:37AM Singapore To Cut Off Internet Access For Government Workers From 2017
Tuesday June 07, 2016 @09:08PM Researchers Say The Aliens Are Silent Because They Are Extinct
Tuesday June 07, 2016 @12:00PM Finnish Mail System Abandons Tuesday Delivery
Sunday June 05, 2016 @02:00AM Working at Facebook Sounds Like Joining a Cult
Saturday June 04, 2016 @11:00AM World's Largest Shared-Workspace Startup WeWork Is Cutting About 7% of Staff
Wednesday June 01, 2016 @02:00PM We Need To Build Industrial Zones In Space In Order To Save Earth, Says Jeff Bezos
Friday May 27, 2016 @12:57AM Mars Is Coming Out Of An Ice Age
Tuesday May 24, 2016 @03:11PM American Scientists Working On Creating Chimeras: Half-Human, Half-Animal Embryos
Monday May 23, 2016 @01:14PM Sorry, There's Nothing Magical About Breakfast
Saturday May 21, 2016 @11:46AM 'Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat' Approach Is Such Bullshit
Thursday May 19, 2016 @03:13PM The Average Age For a Child Getting Their First Smartphone Is Now 10.3 Years
Wednesday May 18, 2016 @03:39PM Europa's Ocean Chemistry Could Be Earth-Like
Wednesday May 18, 2016 @03:04PM Snapchat Faces An Outcry Against 'Whitewashing' Filters
Wednesday May 18, 2016 @09:42AM Wikipedia Editor Says Site's Toxic Community Has Him Contemplating Suicide
Tuesday May 17, 2016 @01:25PM Gadget Claims To Fit In Your Ear and Translate Foreign Languages In Real-Time
Friday May 13, 2016 @10:51AM France's After Work Email Ban Is 1 Step Closer To Reality
Thursday May 12, 2016 @04:07PM Breathalyzer That Detects Lung Cancer Early From a Single Breath Wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition
Monday May 09, 2016 @02:57PM Uganda, Where a Book Can Cost a Month's Salary
Wednesday May 04, 2016 @11:15AM Are We Alone In the Universe? Not Likely, According To Math
Wednesday May 04, 2016 @10:41AM Half Of Teens Think They're Addicted To Their Smartphones
Tuesday May 03, 2016 @12:42PM Biotech Company To Attempt Revitalizing Nervous Systems of Brain-Dead Patients
Tuesday May 03, 2016 @08:32AM Oceans Could Soon Not Have Enough Oxygen To Support Marine Life
Monday May 02, 2016 @10:56AM Scientists Discover Three Potentially Habitable Planets
Friday April 29, 2016 @03:14PM One US Oil Field a Key Culprit In Global Ethane Gas Increase
Friday April 22, 2016 @07:51PM Neil deGrasse Tyson Says It's 'Very Likely' The Universe Is A Simulation
Thursday April 21, 2016 @10:25AM Google's Ray Kurzweil Wants To Live Forever, and He Thinks It Includes Nanobots
Thursday April 21, 2016 @10:13AM Global Warming Has Made the Weather Better For Most In US -- For Now
Monday April 18, 2016 @11:20AM Silicon Valley's Legendary 'Coach' Bill Campbell Has Died
Friday April 15, 2016 @11:29AM AMC Drops 'Texting Friendly' Theaters Idea
Thursday April 14, 2016 @01:17PM Phone-Friendly Movie Theaters For Millennials Could Be Reality Soon
Wednesday April 13, 2016 @01:25PM Replacing Butter With Vegetable Oils Doesn't Decrease Risk of Heart Disease, Says Study
Wednesday April 13, 2016 @10:37AM Sean Parker Announces $250 Million Grant To Fight Cancer
Monday April 11, 2016 @01:04PM Life Expectancy Study: It's Not Just What You Make, It's Where You Live
Friday April 08, 2016 @10:15AM Facebook Users Are Sharing Less and It's a Big Problem
Thursday April 07, 2016 @11:59AM Bill Nye: Climate Change Denial Is 'Running Out of Steam,' Thanks To Millennials
Wednesday April 06, 2016 @12:25PM Twitter To Give All New Parents 20 Weeks of Paid Leave
Monday April 04, 2016 @01:16PM People Often Deride Game Changing Technology as 'a Toy'
Sunday April 03, 2016 @02:05PM Lasers Could Hide Us From Evil Aliens
Sunday March 27, 2016 @09:51AM Fruit Drinks Aren't Much Better For You Than Soda: Study
Saturday March 26, 2016 @08:12AM Heavy Social Media Users Trapped In Endless Cycle of Depression
Saturday March 26, 2016 @06:11AM Why Learning To Code Won't Save Your Job
Friday March 25, 2016 @12:27PM Fish Walks, Climbs Waterfalls Like a Salamander
Wednesday March 23, 2016 @07:29PM Computer Use Could Help Predict Early-Stage Alzheimer's
Tuesday March 22, 2016 @11:33AM We Had All Better Hope These Scientists Are Wrong About the Planet's Future
Monday March 14, 2016 @07:35AM ESA's ExoMars Successfuly Lifts Off From Baikonur
Thursday March 10, 2016 @04:17PM Apple Executive Confirms: Manually Quitting Apps Doesn't Improve Battery Life
Wednesday March 09, 2016 @06:50PM First Bionic Fingertip Implant Delivers Sensational Results
Thursday February 25, 2016 @01:25PM Swedish Scientist Suggests That There Is Only One Earth
Saturday January 09, 2016 @02:00PM Chemical Evolution of Self-Replicating Molecules Observed In a Lab
Tuesday October 20, 2015 @08:47AM Scientists May Have Found the Earliest Evidence of Life On Earth
Tuesday April 28, 2015 @11:45AM Signs of Subsurface 'Alien' Life Found In Antarctica
Sunday April 19, 2015 @02:07PM If Earth Never Had Life, Continents Would Be Smaller
Friday March 06, 2015 @10:17PM The Origin of Life and the Hidden Role of Quantum Criticality
Thursday December 04, 2014 @04:27PM Aliens Are Probably Everywhere, Just Not Anywhere Nearby
Friday November 28, 2014 @05:14PM Swiss Scientists Discover DNA Remains Active After Space Journey and Re-entry
Tuesday November 25, 2014 @11:07AM Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies
Thursday August 07, 2014 @07:16AM Ancient Worms May Have Saved Life On Earth
Sunday May 04, 2014 @07:19PM ISS Studies Show Bacteria From Earth Could Colonize Mars
Saturday November 16, 2013 @07:42PM Getting the Dirt On Ancient Life With Coprolites
Sunday September 22, 2013 @06:24PM NASA Rover Fails to Turn Up Methane On Mars
Tuesday July 09, 2013 @06:52AM Lake Vostok Found Teeming With Life
Wednesday June 26, 2013 @07:03AM 3 Habitable-Zone Super-Earths Found Orbiting Nearby Star
Sunday May 19, 2013 @03:33PM Mice, Newts Retrieved After a Month Orbiting Earth At 345 Miles Up
Monday May 13, 2013 @11:53AM Carnivorous Plant Ejects Junk DNA
Thursday April 18, 2013 @02:23PM Kepler-62 Has 2 Good Candidate Planets In the Search for Life
Tuesday March 12, 2013 @11:59AM Evidence For Comet-Borne Microfossils Supports Panspermia
Friday February 08, 2013 @07:27AM No Transmitting Aliens Detected In Kepler SETI Search
Tuesday January 29, 2013 @08:13AM Microbes Survive, and Maybe Thrive, High In the Atmosphere
Sunday December 30, 2012 @06:29AM Odds Favor Discovery of Earth-Like Exoplanet in 2013
Thursday December 27, 2012 @12:48PM Mars-Like Conditions Sufficient to Sustain Earth-Bound Microbes
Friday December 14, 2012 @07:13AM Did Land-Dwellers Emerge 65 Million Years Earlier Than Was Thought?
Tuesday November 27, 2012 @09:30AM Sub-Ice Antarctic Lake Vida Abounds With Life
Saturday October 20, 2012 @10:42AM Craig Venter Wants To Rebuild Martian Life In Earth Lab