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Saturday February 10, 2018 @04:13AM Rejoice: Samsung's Next Flagship Smartphone Looks To Keep the Headphone Jack Alive
Tuesday October 03, 2017 @06:36PM Google Is Latest Company To Ditch Headphone Jack In Its Newest Smartphones
Friday September 08, 2017 @04:39PM Hobbyist Gives iPhone 7 the Headphone Jack We've Always Wanted
Wednesday April 19, 2017 @09:22AM Bose Headphones Secretly Collected User Data, Lawsuit Reveals
Wednesday January 25, 2017 @03:13PM Samsung's Galaxy S8 Will Feature a Headphone Jack, Desktop Dock, 'Infinity Display' and More, Says In-Depth Report
Thursday January 12, 2017 @10:13AM HTC's New Flagship Phone Has AI and a Second Screen, But No Headphone Jack
Wednesday January 11, 2017 @09:20AM Wireless Headphone Sales Soared After Apple Dropped Headphone Jack
Thursday December 08, 2016 @10:17AM Samsung Plans All-Screen Design in New Galaxy S8 Phones
Wednesday October 26, 2016 @05:43PM Apple Delays AirPods Beyond Original 'Late October' Window
Wednesday October 19, 2016 @03:38PM Apple Rumored To Remove Old-School USB Ports On Next MacBook Pro
Monday October 03, 2016 @06:18PM Samsung's Next Flagship Smartphone May Not Feature a Headphone Jack
Friday September 23, 2016 @02:32PM People Are Drilling Holes Into Their iPhone 7 To 'Make a Headphone Jack'
Thursday September 15, 2016 @08:48AM Apple Explores the Idea Of Killing Headphone Jack On the MacBook Pro
Wednesday September 07, 2016 @06:28PM Apple Cites 'Courage' As Reason To Remove 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Tuesday September 06, 2016 @05:53PM Apple To Unveil 'AirPods' That Use Custom Bluetooth Chip
Tuesday August 23, 2016 @01:00PM Steve Wozniak Says Apple Must Fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth Or Revive Its Headphone Jack
Friday August 12, 2016 @10:19AM Cory Doctorow On What iPhone's Missing Headphone Jack Means For Music Industry
Saturday July 23, 2016 @02:45PM Phones Without Headphone Jacks Are Here... and They're Extremely Annoying
Wednesday June 22, 2016 @11:33AM 'Headphone Jacks Are the New Floppy Drives'
Tuesday June 21, 2016 @04:06PM Taking the Headphone Jack Off Phones Is User-Hostile and Stupid
Wednesday April 27, 2016 @07:29PM Intel Wants To Eliminate The Headphone Jack And Replace It With USB-C
Tuesday September 22, 2009 @01:44AM Sony Ericsson Develops Contact Headphones
Monday March 20, 2006 @06:26PM Everglide s-500 Headphone Review