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Tuesday October 02, 2012 @04:07PM TypeScript: Microsoft's Replacement For JavaScript
Friday December 17, 2010 @12:03PM Microsoft Is Releasing an H.264 Plugin For Firefox
Wednesday September 01, 2010 @09:54AM Why Microsoft Is Being Nicer To Open Source
Tuesday August 24, 2010 @01:50AM Microsoft Claims 'We Love Open Source'
Monday March 29, 2010 @03:54PM Microsoft Adopts SVG For Internet Explorer 9
Thursday January 07, 2010 @12:16PM Microsoft Wants To Participate In SVG Development
Friday November 13, 2009 @01:15PM Microsoft Buys Teamprise, Will Ship Linux Tools
Sunday August 09, 2009 @03:52AM Microsoft Finally Joins HTML 5 Standard Efforts
Tuesday July 21, 2009 @11:46AM Microsoft Releases Linux Device Drivers As GPL
Wednesday May 20, 2009 @05:38PM ODF Alliance Warns Governments About Office 2007 ODF Support
Tuesday May 05, 2009 @01:58AM Office 2007SP2 ODF Interoperability Very Bad
Monday May 04, 2009 @07:27AM Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 Released, Supports ODF Out of the Box
Thursday December 18, 2008 @07:54PM iPhone Tops Windows Mobile Share; MS Releases iPhone App
Monday November 10, 2008 @04:36AM Ballmer "Interested" In Open Source Browser Engine
Wednesday October 29, 2008 @11:49PM Google Adopts, Forks OpenID 1.0
Wednesday October 29, 2008 @05:12PM Microsoft Joins the OpenID Foundation
Tuesday October 28, 2008 @08:38PM Microsoft Embraces AMQP Open Middleware Standard
Sunday October 05, 2008 @06:39PM Microsoft Bids To Take Over Open Document Format
Monday September 29, 2008 @01:58PM Microsoft and Nokia Adopt OSS JQuery Framework
Friday July 25, 2008 @06:35PM Microsoft Sponsors Apache Software Foundation
Sunday June 29, 2008 @07:52AM MS To Become Open Source Friendly Post Gates
Friday June 20, 2008 @08:37PM Microsoft Spokesman Says ODF "Clearly Won" Standard War
Tuesday June 03, 2008 @01:35PM Microsoft Linking Silverlight, Ruby on Rails
Thursday February 28, 2008 @12:15AM Microsoft Trying To Appeal to the Unix Crowd?
Wednesday October 17, 2007 @02:48AM OSI Approves Microsoft Ms-PL and Ms-RL
Thursday May 17, 2007 @07:17PM Microsoft Votes to Add ODF to ANSI Standards List
Wednesday December 13, 2006 @12:17PM Vista's TCP/IP Promises and Perils
Friday April 07, 2006 @01:04PM Microsoft Launches Linux Labs Website