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Friday October 06, 2017 @06:10PM Apple Doesn't Deliberately Slow Down Older Devices According To Benchmark Analysis
Monday August 14, 2017 @03:14PM Uber Investors Slam Travis Kalanick In Open Letter To Employees
Friday July 14, 2017 @10:41PM Uber Backers Discuss Stock Sale to SoftBank, Others
Friday July 14, 2017 @10:02PM AMD Threadripper 1950X Trounces Core I9-7900X In Multithreading Benchmark
Friday April 14, 2017 @01:40PM Google Kills Off Octane JavaScript Benchmark Due To 'Diminishing Returns and Over-Optimization'
Tuesday October 25, 2016 @03:50PM Benchmark Battle October 2016: Chrome Vs. Firefox Vs. Edge
Friday September 09, 2016 @08:23PM Apple iPhone 7 Plus Packs 3GB RAM, Early A10 Fusion Benchmarks Look Very Strong
Tuesday August 16, 2016 @03:59PM NVIDIA Drops Pascal Desktop GPUs Into Laptops With Mobile GeForce GTX 10-Series
Friday April 29, 2016 @01:35PM Slashdot Asks: What's Your View On Benchmark Apps?
Tuesday February 02, 2016 @09:42AM Japanese Researchers Achieve Record 56Gbps Wireless Transmission
Thursday September 24, 2015 @10:37AM Fable Legends DX12 Benchmark Stressing High End GPUs
Saturday June 13, 2015 @04:10PM Surface Pro 3 Handily Outperforms iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9
Saturday February 07, 2015 @05:01PM Dell Venue 8 7000, "World's Thinnest Tablet" With Intel Moorefield Atom Reviewed
Thursday September 25, 2014 @01:31AM Testing the MongoDB Global Write Lock Improvements
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @08:21AM Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8
Wednesday May 22, 2013 @05:51PM Intel's Linux OpenGL Driver Faster Than Apple's OS X Driver
Saturday February 16, 2013 @08:49PM Unigine's Newest Benchmark Features Huge, Open-Space Expanses
Sunday October 02, 2011 @06:19PM Tom's Hardware Pits Newest Firefox, Opera and Chrome Against Each Other
Monday July 25, 2011 @05:17PM Ubuntu 11.10 Down To 12-Second Boot
Thursday June 23, 2011 @12:28PM AMD Rejects SYSmark Benchmark
Thursday May 19, 2011 @07:07PM Preliminary Benchmarks: Unity vs. Gnome-Shell
Thursday November 04, 2010 @06:43PM Flash Can Rob 2 Hours From MacBook Air's Battery Life
Friday September 17, 2010 @09:51PM IE9, FF4 Beta In Real-World Use Face-Off
Thursday July 08, 2010 @12:04PM OnLive Latency Tested
Friday May 28, 2010 @08:04AM Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Benchmarked and Reviewed
Saturday May 08, 2010 @12:43PM Cassandra and Voldemort Benchmarked
Friday March 05, 2010 @10:44AM Web Browser Grand Prix
Friday February 26, 2010 @08:10PM The 1-Second Linux Boot
Tuesday October 13, 2009 @09:20AM Intel Caught Cheating In 3DMark Benchmark
Sunday September 13, 2009 @04:30PM IE8 Beats Other Browsers In Laptop Battery Life
Friday November 28, 2008 @09:43AM First "Real" Benchmark for PostgreSQL
Sunday November 05, 2006 @12:22PM New MacBook Dual Core 2 Benchmarks