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Debian Seeks New Logo 24

Joy of joys! Debian is going to try to get a new logo. They are doing this in conjunction with the latest Gimp Contest. My cheesy entry is on my gimp page *grin*. Anyway, there are more details on the pages linked above- and the winner gets a Debian CDs for their platform of choice (no fair asking for for something that runs on your C64)
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Debian Seeks New Logo

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  • OS/9 is a multitasking, multiuser pseudo-Unix clone that ran on the Tandy Color Computer with 64K. It's been done.


  • Posted by ladicius:

    I always thought rob's debian logo was pretty neat.
  • Posted by chiem:

    Who or what is Jessica?
  • vector formats are far more flexible, you never
    have to worry about scaling them. perhaps they
    should be looking at GYVE instead of the gimp?
    EPS is a good format. ghostscript reads it.
  • It is the right distribution, and don't call me Shirley.
  • I always thought rob's debian logo was pretty neat.

    So did I - especially since it isn't based around a penguin; Debian would like to be multi-OS as well as multi-platform (the Hurd port exists and continues to improve; at least now they've got a working X). Also, the logo scales well, works in black and white, and looks good on machines with few colormap entries to spare.

  • Thank you god that their replacing that logo. Jeeze that pengiun that they have up there looks too damn business like. Feel like I'm using Caledra Linux when I view their webpage.
  • I like the current John Lennon-style penguin. It's *cute*. :)
  • I was actualy looking at,
    and since it's crawling slower then 2400 baud
    I figured I'd check /.

    First thing I see is the deb logo story.

    "Fuck, is /.ed!" I said ;)

  • The should seek a new sutup utility first, dselect stinks, it is NOT new user friendly at all. You reall have to know what you are doing to use this thing. They need something like YAST or even RedHat's setup utility is easier to use.

  • The Debian Logo looks fine to me. The SuSE one - now there's a logo that needs a makeover.
  • But I couldn't bring myself to write over the rom already in the old girl... C=64's kick ass, if the entire computing world ever just goes to shit, I must say there is always the C=64 to fall back on.
  • I like the Don't fear the penquins logo, that should be put about more.

    I vote you shamelessly promote its use on your front page.

try again