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IDG/LinuxworldExpo Response

I've gotten a response from IDG, the Linuxworldexpo people. This response comes from the outcry raised today. Click below to read the response. Update: 12/14 05:55 by CT : Alan Cox also sent in his response which is also attached to the end of this story.
There is a misconception that IDG World Expo is not paying for any speakers at the upcoming LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. The Linux community is populated by many visionaries who may or may not have unlimited corporate dollars backing them. While IDG World Expo cannot pay for every speaker, we have been reviewing each speaker's financial needs on a case by case basis. It has always been our intent to make the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo the most comprehensive event in the world. We recognize that would be impossible without excellent content provided by excellent speakers. With that as our mission, we will continue to work effortlessly and unselfishly with speakers in need of support.

Charlie Greco
President, IDG World Expo

The following was written by Alan Cox

The head of the IDG LinuxWorld operation phoned me a short while ago. Apparently they are going to be providing funding to some speakers (not just tutorial speakers) on the basis of funding needs for those speakers. I would suggest any speakers worried about funding therefore talk to IDG at this point and perhaps post some follow ups on how it went.

I've no idea if his claim that this was always the intention and the underlings got confused is true or if IDG have been forced into doing the right thing by the (alarmingly dramatic) affects things like slashdot had on the situation.

I don't think it matters if they made a mistake and rectified it, or if they have learned and corrected their ways. Its now up to them to show willing by funding the people who need that funding as they have promised. I think its on keeping that promise they should be judged.

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IDG/LinuxworldExpo Response

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