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Cloud Virtualization

VMware's Serengeti Brings Hadoop To Virtual, Cloud Environments 28

Nerval's Lobster writes "VMware's Serengeti is a new open-source project for deploying Apache Hadoop in virtual and cloud environments. Serengeti 0.5 is available as a free download under the Apache 2.0 license. It has been designed as distro-neutral, with support for Apache 1.0, CDH3, Hortonworks 1.0 and Greenplum HD 1.0. Of course, VMware isn't the only company seeking to leverage the increased interest in Hadoop. In June alone, midsize IT vendors such as Datameer, Karmasphere, and Hortonworks have all announced platforms that utilize the framework in some way. Research firm IDC recently predicted that worldwide revenues from Hadoop and MapReduce will hit $812.8 million in 2016, up from $77 million in 2011."
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VMware's Serengeti Brings Hadoop To Virtual, Cloud Environments

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  • by Rakishi ( 759894 ) on Wednesday June 13, 2012 @09:03PM (#40317433)

    Really, so what would you use to deal with 10Petabytes of data while going through 1Petabyte of it per day? I'm sure Google, Ebay, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook have no idea what they're doing. Hahaha. Get back to me when you're running a multi-billion dollar company.

    That just indicates you lack the skills and knowledge to deal with big data sets.

    Keep thinking that, I'm going to be over here enjoying my guaranteed job security with occasional breaks to beat hordes of recruiters away. No, seriously, keep thinking it, more idiots like you out there the better my job security will be.

    See, I've actually got experience dealing with big data which I'm guessing is a lot more than you can say. I've talked to companies that think like you, it's downright hilarious to watch their jaws drop when you casually mention how trivial going through data is for us on Hadoop. A month long data project for them is a ten minute query for me that I let run for a few hours. I've personally played in both worlds, you can keep the alternative while I get actual work done.

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