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Making the Jump From Web To TV 67

PreacherTom writes, "No stranger to the tech-savvy, video bloggers are the next phenomenon to go from online to the mainstream. For example, Internet celebrity Amanda Congdon just finished broadcasting her cross-country relocation from New York to L.A. on the Web. The former host of Rocketboom, one of the most popular of the video blogs, with roughly 211,000 daily viewers, has a new gig as a contributor for ABC. She's not alone. In fact, major movie and TV studios are increasingly looking to the Web for new talent for both on- and offline projects."
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Making the Jump From Web To TV

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  • Who? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by British ( 51765 ) <> on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @05:42PM (#16844522) Homepage Journal
    Raise your hand if you haven't heard of Amanda Congdon until now. If she's been seen by 211K people, I guess I'm not one of them. 211K people is a small # of tv viewers, and even smaller segment of web surfers. I think more people would recognize the Star Wars Kid, or that Numa Numa dork. Or, I could be completely wrong.

    "Internet celebrity", uh, yeah... Just what we need, more Paris Hiltons and people who are famous for something trivial, or even nothing.

    All I know is I wish I could view youtube clips on my TV without any file conversion(making it look worse), or hooking up my ipod, etc. I watch YouTube clips 100 times more often than Comcast's skimpy "On Demand" programming. I wonder if some day people will say "watch youtube" instead of "Watch tv".
  • SNL has done it (Score:3, Interesting)

    by businessnerd ( 1009815 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @06:02PM (#16844822)
    This isn't exactly new. SNL recruited one of it's latest cast members from the internet, Andy Samberg (spelling?). He's the shaggy haired one that wrote the "Chronic-cles of Narnia" skit. I hadn't heard of him before, and I definitely have not heard of this lady, but it does prove that the internet can be useful as a place to audition your skills. You can direct casting directors to your web site for a more robust showing of your skills.
  • by irritating environme ( 529534 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @06:06PM (#16844872)
    Why isn't Ze Frank being picked up? I'm surprised the Daily Show doesn't show his stuff.

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