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Will Zango Ever Clean Up Their Affiliates?

An anonymous reader writes "Since the FTC fined Zango $3 Million dollars for deceptive installs, security researchers have made a seemingly endless amount of finds with regards dubious Zango affiliates and business practices. Hot on the heels of the fake Youtube videos discovered by Websense earlier in the week comes another foray into Myspace for Zango, via a program of (extremely) limited functionality being spammed across Myspace profiles with the overall aim of people downloading Zango Adware. The program's EULA is also highly suspect, giving the company behind the program the right to spam messages to whoever they want, whenever they want, install Adware whenever they choose and lay the blame of these spam messages entirely at the feet of the end user should the service being used to spam complain about it. In the face of mounting evidence, when will Zango actually hold their hands up and admit their affiliate program is actually still as poor as it ever was?"

Will Zango Ever Clean Up Their Affiliates?

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