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HP Acquires VoodooPC 32

eldavojohn writes "HP has acquired VoodooPC, a high-end gaming PC provider who's former co-owner will now be the chief technologist of HP's newly formed gaming PC division. Back in May, we saw Dell acquire Alienware. Are gaming machines important options to consumers, or is it just plain profitable? Who will we see enter the gaming market next? Apple?"
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HP Acquires VoodooPC

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  • by DavidinAla ( 639952 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @02:48PM (#16676593)
    For most people, a "gaming maching" is a PlayStation of XBox, not a high-end PC. There is a relatively small sub-set of gamers who are willing to shell out large amounts of money for high end PCs optimized for gaming, but those machines are non-existant to the vast majority of computer users (and computer buyers). There just aren't that many people who care enough about gaming to spend that kind of money on it. The niche is profitable, but not huge compared to the overall PC market.


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