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The Story of the RedBerry 38

Howard H. Thaw writes "In my youniverse -- where I increasingly get to chose the devices I want, the services I need and customize them to my own specifications and standards - RIM offered me the BlackBerry device I wanted and needed - but that still only got me part of the way. Here's the story of my RedBerry, I hope it will inspire your own. According to Mathew Ingram, tech writer for the Globe and Mail in his column entitled Pimp Your Device this may very well be the world's only triple-coated and glazed Ferrari-red BlackBerry."
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The Story of the RedBerry

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  • LAME!! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 24, 2006 @03:40PM (#15597365)

    Okay, like everybody else I thought:

    1. China's blackberry... that's an article I'd like to read!
    2. No wait.. some powerful tech writer convinced RIM to custom-make him a blackberry with a red finish.. who is this guy, and how come I've never heard of him?

    But... no it's some MOUTH BREATHER who painted his blackberry red and wrote a TWO FUCKING PAGE ARTICLE about it. Can I have the last 5 minutes of my life back please?

    The quotes are entertaining though:

    you can't miss me coming, with the unmistakable Ferrari-Red BlackBerry in the holster on my side. Why? Because I can!

    Motherfucker's got a HOLSTER! BackDaFuckUp!

    set out to create my own personalized, customized, [series of 1], non-conformist anything but Black or Blue Berry.

    Nothing says non-conformist like a blackberry!

    Pimp-my-ride, step-aside - there's a new Berry in town!

    Yes, I am definitely getting the fuck out of your way, Mr. Awesome! (whispering) damn, with a blackberry like that, can you imagine how big his cock is? (/whispering)

    There are rewards to loyalty. Mine just happens to be shiny and red. I probably broke every rule in the book, but now I have the BlackBerry I want, cherish and enjoy, each and every day... And for everyone that asks, I say "Credendo Vides" - Believing is Seeing.

    Seriously, is this guy for real? I sense a motivational speaking career in the making...

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