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FTC Levies Fine Against Big-league Spammers 82

An anonymous reader writes "The FTC said it has closed down a spam operation in California that sent millions of unwanted messages to online users across the country and fined the companies involved about $2.4 million. The settlement doesn't shut down the businesses and, based on the financial records of the defendants, the judgment will be suspended upon payment of $475,000."
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FTC Levies Fine Against Big-league Spammers

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  • by lightspawn ( 155347 ) on Friday April 07, 2006 @08:46AM (#15083356) Homepage
    I want them to be sentenced to write (by hand) an apology to every person they've wronged...

    and to memorize and pronounce the words made of random letters they include to try to evade spam filters

    and to change their names to the one in the "from" field. That is, legally change their names to names such as... let me check my mailbox for a second... "Recipe 4Living", "Approval Dept", "Content Paradise", "Your Mngr. mosettamay", "Sr. Loan Specialist" and "Always Savings".

    Now that's justice.
  • by Fëanáro ( 130986 ) on Friday April 07, 2006 @09:03AM (#15083419)
    I think compliant spam must have some sort of tag in the header?
    Not sure since noone seems ot be complying.

    But if it would actually work, email providers could offer a simple checkbox "no spam unless whitelisted" and block ALL of these whithout the user even knowing how to set up filters.
    Good providers would probably include this checkbox (pre-checked) with the signup process.

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