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AJAX and IE7? 72

Moochfish asks: "Recently, my company took a brief look at AJAX to see if it was worth implementing on a few of our administrative pages to speed up certain tasks. I had created a demo that made an interesting use of live edit fields that showed some promise. However, after a little debate on the issue, we ultimately decided to skip AJAX implementations anywhere in our codebase due to concerns about things breaking when IE7 comes out. I haven't personally tried IE7, but I completely understand and mirror the concern. For you testers of IE7, does it successfully render current, non-ASP AJAX enabled sites without errors? And finally, does IE7 introduce any new functionality that may enhance the current capabilities of AJAX?"
"Many of the AJAX libraries out there have tons of duplicate functionality to handle cross-browser support. Recalling Microsoft's history of IE quirks, it seems likely that the new IE7 will have its own set of problems with regards to JS implementation. With the AJAX craze only growing, how are other developers and IT departments addressing this problem? Is this even a valid concern? While this is probably not an issue with ASP developers - especially with the release of Atlas - is this an issue for sites that use non-MS technologies?"
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AJAX and IE7?

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  • Doubt (Score:2, Interesting)

    by WED Fan ( 911325 ) <> on Sunday March 26, 2006 @10:23AM (#14997759) Homepage Journal

    I am sorry, and I am apologizing up front and will probably have my karma slammed, but I do have to comment.

    I really have to question the legitimacy of this 'Ask Slashdot' article, and am wondering how the editors let it slip through. The article is either a fake, or the person submitting it is a piss-poor tester.

    How hard would it have been to install the IE7 beta on a single machine to check the rendering of AJAX elements?

    I have IE7 installed on a test machine that we use to test web apps. I also use it for much of my daily browsing. As a result, I have a list of items that IE7 just won't work with, chief among them are SharePoint event calendar rendering, and Microsoft Producer. It has not broken against AJAX that I've run into, and I use Pageflakes [] as my homepage on that machine.

    So, the poster is faking a "my-company-wanted-to-use-the-latest-greatest-but- we-are-afraid-MS-will-break" article, or his company is paying him much too much for his perceived skills.

    Really, editors, you should have caught this.

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