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Google Wins a Court Battle 272

Gosalia wrote to let us know about an article which opens with: "In a legal win for Google, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a writer who claimed the search giant infringed on his copyright by archiving a Usenet posting of his and providing excerpts from his Web site in search results." Thankfully, we can all still read Usenet articles on Google as well as other archive services.
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Google Wins a Court Battle

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 17, 2006 @01:46AM (#14939771)
    All Google had to do was buy a million monkeys, give each a computer, and let them type on them for about five minutes in order to reproduce all of the Usenet archives without "stealing his work".
  • by Cl1mh4224rd ( 265427 ) on Friday March 17, 2006 @01:49AM (#14939780)
    According to the ZDNet write-up, he does business as the Snodgrass Publishing Group, who have some interesting offerings at a site they own called "".
    The Elite Player's Guide to Getting Laid.

    1) Sue Google.
    2) ???
    3) Get laid!
  • by Saeed al-Sahaf ( 665390 ) on Friday March 17, 2006 @02:10AM (#14939851) Homepage
    I have always wondered what those guys suing for anything _really_ think ? For example, does this guy honestly thought Google was violating his copyright ? Or did he sue just to give a try and maybe obtain easy money via financial compensation ?

    He's in the porn business. He sued for publicity.

  • Suegle (Score:5, Funny)

    by JRGhaddar ( 448765 ) on Friday March 17, 2006 @02:24AM (#14939901)
    Google should just start "Suegle" so we all can set up our own personal lawsuits against google.

    Features include:

    -the ability to blog about the lawsuit and how much of google's money we are trying to get.

    -RSS feeds of the latest filings & verdicts

    -Lawyers oncall via GTalk

    feel free to add any I'm missing
  • by publius_jr ( 808330 ) on Friday March 17, 2006 @03:13AM (#14940023)
    I own this classic, and seminal, guide and happened to notice that you only gave the concise form of the `genius plan' (as the author frequently calls it). The plan branches into two detailed versions based on frequency of occurence. I figured the Slashdot crowd (of all crowds) could benefit from the detail.

    The uncommon form, but `the one most guys, idiots, anticipate' (69) is:

    1. Sue Google.
    2. Win
    3. Profit!
    4. Get laid!
    This is the uncommon form because rarely do you ever win the lawsuit. If you should happen to win, however, we can explicitly extract `Profit!' from `???' in the concise form to get the uncommon form just above. In this case 4) is a corollary to 3); everyone knows that `when you've got the riches you can lay the bitches' (138). But we really do not expect to win the lawsuit, so the above information is included mainly for completeness.

    The common form, the `one you paid $43.95 to see' (inside flap), is:

    1. Sue Google.
    2. Lose.
    3. Get Laid!
    The main gem of this classic work is the knowledge that `hotties love losers' (207).

    So, to sum up, hotties love money and hotties love losers. By suing Google you are destined to either lose or get rich. In either case, you will get laid!

  • by stud9920 ( 236753 ) on Friday March 17, 2006 @03:30AM (#14940061)
    The following words were posted to various groups on Usenet by Ray
    Gordon (aka Gordon Roy Parker) in the hours following the terrorist
    attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon:

    "There was no significant loss of life in those towers. Not
    a one."
    - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "This attack happened in my HOMETOWN, a hometown I do not
    live in or work in because of illegal behavior. I hope those
    who swiped my ability to live there enjoy the message they got
    from GOD today.........."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "Now you know what it's like to see your horrors mocked the
    way mine have been. That's not mental illness, that's a political
    message, apparently delivered quite brilliantly."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "I am expressing my lack of sympathy for the loss
    of a bunch of self-centered, asshole New Yorkers"
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "I'm not the one who blew them up, am I?
    I just laugh at the poetic justice of it all."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "Pretty damn good day at the office if you ask me,
    especially since I'm not the one who hijacked the planes."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "May those who died today rot in the hell they deserve."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "A bunch of asshole New Yorkers died...don't grieve.
    No significant loss of life in those Towers...not a one!"
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "It is so PATHETIC how we are making angels out of some of the
    worst corporate criminals in America just because they suffered
    a little bombing."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "Do not mourn the trader trash."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "All I have said is that most of the victims who worked in that building
    were not moral creatures. In fact, many of the very powerful types who
    died in that blast used to say 'let God deal with them.' I did. God
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "It's not my fault that Bin Laden unwittingly took out a large segment
    of American TRASH, and while I'd never do something like that, I have
    to say those victims were anything but angels. They were greedy,
    capitalistic employment discriminators with no regard for the
    civil rights of anyone but themselves. Looks like GOD wanted me around
    and not them. Who am I to question the lord?"
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)

    "Once again: no significant loss of life in those Towers."
      - Gordon Roy Parker (aka Ray Gordon)
  • Actually, I wouldn't mind a "dismissing total fucktards" precedent being set by this. Not much chance, but I can dream.

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